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BMW multi tool V7.2 software free download

Free download: BMW multi tool V7.2 software

As you know, BMW MULTI TOOL is a CAS system specialized key programmer. It can directly used to program CAS1, CAS 2 and CAS 3.

Now if you want to program keys for CAS 4, no problem, just need to choose CAS 4 adapter, then you can use this bmw multi tool to program keys for CAS 4.

BMW has two system, old system is EWS, new system is CAS. If you want to make key for old EWS, it is not a issue too. EWS adapter for bmw multi tool can help you solve this problem.

BMW multi tool is made by Xhorse company. New software is frequestly released about every 2-3 month. Every update will add more new models and function.

Such as this one latest version is V7.2:

1.Add change km for CAS4 5M48H(File Change KM->CAS4 (5M48H))
2.Add Disable/Enalbe key for F-Series(Choose BMW F-Series->Key Learn->Enable key/Disable key)
3.For CAS4+ encrypt verison: If you make key with other tool, and the key only have remote, BWM Multi Tool can fix it to working key
4.Normal bugfix
Besides this, now it new adds CAS4 encrypted authorization.
If you have bought SL252 IKEYCUTTER XC-007, then this anthorization is totally free to open. If you do not have SL252, then price is 520USD to open this authorization.

BMW Multi Tool OBD2 CAS1-3 + Key Programmer V7.2

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