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Difference on All CAT CATerpillar ET Adapter on

With the development of technology, up to now, CAT CATerpillar ET Adapter has released several servion. What is the difference between them? Here i will tell you the difference for your referance.

All of the CAT CATerpillar ET Adapters have no much difference in function. The difference exists in the particulars.

Item No. SP02:   CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter
                              This one is the bast quality CAT CATerpillar ET Adapter. Besides, it has nine languages to choose.

Item No. SP02-B: NEW CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter
                               It is all the same as Item No. SP02, except the quality of Item No. SP02 is better.

Item No. SP133: CAT Caterpillar ET Wireless Diagnostic Adapter
                               It is the new one. It only has English language version.

Item No. SP134: CAT Caterpillar ET Wireless Diagnostic Adapter With Bluetooth
                               It is also a new one. Only has english language version. This one has bluetooth function.