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K-TAG software V2.10 firmware V6.070 new release

Dear customers,

Now K-TAG updated to new version

Software: V2.10
Firmware: V6.070

What new function or advantages does this new K-TAG have?

1) One button click to charge tokens.

For old version K-TAG, when tokens run over, you need to buy new tokens chip, or desolder the chips to program the tokens chips. It will take a lot of time and money.

For this new K-TAG, factory new add the tokens add button on the main unit. Once tokens run over, just click this button, then your k-tag will add 30 tokens. You can go on to use. More easily.

2) Add more ECUs types.

Because firmware update to latest, it support almost all functions and ECU types for original V2.10 software, with it, you can use it to program the ECU for most vehicles in the market.

Want to know more information, please click:

V2.10 KTAG K-TAG ECU Programming Tool Master Version firmware V6.070