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KESS V2 FW 4.036 final 8 or 9 tokens left error solution

If you use firmware V4.036 KESS V2, and has final 8 or 9 tokens. When you use tokens programming software to add the token, but still have this prompt  "Caution: must have a programming in the next 9 Update done. Connect the device to the internet and they drove the update as soon as possible." and cannot add token at all. how to do?

Please change a 2GB brand new TF card, and follow this video to solve. For TF card files, ksuite tokens file, and update tool, please send your order number to to ask for.

We also provide KESS V2 and K-TAG KTAG with one button click function to charge tokens, kess v2 and K-TAG KTAG tokens programming version, all with good quality and better price.

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