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Quicky Cloner worked fine with PC version of CN900

Today I confirm that the Quickly Cloner does connect to the PC version of the cn900 
i was able to rewrite a CN2 and a CN5
(first uncheck the lock pages and write in the new number and then write button. It works like a charm.)
reason for post
1.Quality of the hardware is better made than CN900. ( I have them both and have strip it down )
2.Quickly verse ZB in reading ( quickly can read toyota “H” )
3.Quickly can write to CN,TPX,EH ZB can not write onto a CN
4.Quickly can work together with the CN900 PC version software. (eeprom by dump ready to start) also (unlocking CN2,CN5)
5.very good price, €210, for well made hardware and battery operated. (perfect for sniffing at the car)
Quickly cloner the user tested:
Free download PC version of the cn900, i.e. Quicky Cloner pc software: