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Real BMW icom software with low price on

Now our website has released different version BMW ICOM software and HDD. For software, the version from the old 2012.5 to 2012.10. Different version has different function and price. Now i will give you some instruction for our BMW ICOM software.

Here is the link of our BMW ICOM software:

What is the difference of our BMW icom software and others? Here is the description and photo:

1) Our software version is V3.0. For real 3.0 version, there is this icon .

Our software fuses the functions of diagnose and program. It is the internal version of German BMW engineer.

2) Our BMW ICOM software has "System Serial Number". And the System Serial Number usually is ten number. While the adapted version does not have System Serial Number.

3) The version of our ISTA-VIN-000 is 11.05.18, while the adapted version is 11.05.16. The adapted version can not used to diagnose the new car models. 
     The version of our C-ISPI-PF-CORE is 2.90.56, while the adapted version is 2.9.

Any problem, you can send email to