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V4.94 digiprog 3 full package release

Good news:

Now digiprog 3 V4.94 comes out. Compared with old V4.88, it adds more new vehicles.

Want to know the detailed vehicle list for 4.94 digiprog, just click this link.

digiprog 3 4.94

For 4.94 version digiprog 3, we sell the whole package and the main unit with OBD cable version:

Full package: http://www.OBDexpress.co.uk/wholesale/digiprog-iii-digiprog-3-odometer-programmer-with-full-software-new-release.html

BD version: http://www.OBDexpress.co.uk/wholesale/main-unit-digiprog-iii-digiprog-3-odometer-programmer-n.html

or the update service for 4.94, we will release the update service in the following month. Do not provide the update service at present. 

If you just need to update your digiprog 3, please pay attention to our website, we will release the new software once we provide this service.