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Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool update to V2.04.85

Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool V2.04.85 with last acpi+ update 05/2016 at

Get Developer Tool Plus v2.04.85 For 11 Reasons
1.Access and program parameters of ANY Level without any restrictions for APCI database
2.Edit parameter access, policy, presentation settings for APCI Plus database
3.Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: speed limit
4.Works with Tech Tool 1.12/2.01/2.02/2.03/2.04 in Standard (Normal) or Development mode
5.Support 28 languages
6.Support all brands (Volvo, Renault, UD, Mack) and models supported by Tech Tool;
7.Developer Tool for editing APCI parameters (VERSION2 and older el. system trucks);
8.Developer Tool Plus for editing APCI Plus parameters (VERSION3, VERSION4 el. system trucks)
9.Mack Developer Tool for editing V-MAC I/II/III/ITC parameters
10.Support Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10
11.Directly install via Net, no need shipping. 

Works with Following Device:
Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300)
Renault Diagnostic Kit (88840133)
MACK Diagnostic Kit (RP1210)
UD Diagnostic Kit (RP1210)