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Tacho Pro 2008 Tacho Univesal Plus Universal Dash Programmer July Version B(Choose SM47-E)

Tacho Pro 2008 Tacho Univesal Plus Universal Dash Programmer July Version B(Choose SM47-E)

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Tacho Pro 2008 is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation.
You can serve almost any vehicle with the Tacho Universal.

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by Mr.Kenny rock on Apr 3, 2017
Can I please have a phone number to contact someone directly to help me with my tacho pro 2008.
Replied by Eason on Apr 6, 2017
This is our email, you can contact us directly
by Mr.juri wilberger on Aug 4, 2016
Rechnungsnummer:CK160724159376 203,20 euro
Dass geret zeigt ( Neu Starten )????
Replied by Eason on Aug 4, 2016
So sorry for the problem, would you please tell us your car model and year of the car, then send photos or video to show the process you have done. We will send to the factory to ask the engineer to check, ok? Thanks for your understanding.
This is our email:
by Tomes on Aug 3, 2016
Would this work for the 2012 Ford galaxy?
Replied by Eason on Aug 4, 2016

It can't support 
You can see this link product
Any questions,feel free to contact us.

Best Regards

by Michael on Jul 23, 2016
Can you send by yanwen express pls?
by Michael on Jul 23, 2016
Can you send by yanwen express pls?
Replied by jolly on Jul 25, 2016
Hi Michael,
Sure, we can follow your requirement to send by yanwen.
Via this way,you can avoid the custom fee.
by jaque on Jul 23, 2016
Works very well on my cars,good seller,i like your service!
Replied by jolly on Jul 25, 2016
Hi jaque,
Thank you for your nice comment on our site.
If you need any else help,please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
by Mr.jeff on Aug 13, 2015
Will this work on a 2007 W164 Mercedes?
Replied by Ada on Aug 13, 2015
Hello Jeff,
Attached is the supported benz vehicle list. Please check.
Best regards

by Mr.S.P. on Jul 8, 2015
wird die ware aus uk verschickt, versand nach de?
Replied by Ada on Jul 8, 2015
Hello Mr S.P.
Es tut uns leid, Ihnen zu sagen Waren von China geschickt. Wenn Sie nicht wollen, um Steuer zu zahlen, können wir es Ihnen per YANWEN express. 7-14 Tage auf dem Weg, werden wir vor der Auslieferung Steuern zu zahlen. Wenn Sie diese Verschiffenmethode benötigen, lassen Sie bitte Mitteilung auf Ihrem Auftrag, um uns zu informieren.
Best regards
by Mr.Antonio on Mar 25, 2015
I need to know if with it Tacho pro 2008 I can modificate the instrument of bmw x53 tool box.


Replied by Ada on Mar 25, 2015
Hello Antonio,
This is the vehicle list that tacho pro 2008 supported:
This one can work some BMW X5 and X3, but i do not see X53
Best regards
by william lamarco on Dec 29, 2014
i need to read the BSI mileage for Citroen c3 2004, i have one digiprog 3, but it does not work, i want to know if tacho pro works for it? my bsi number is 95160, please confirm with me
Replied by Ada on Dec 29, 2014
Hello William,
Sorry to tell you i am afraid this tacho pro cannot work on your car. Please try digimaster 3.
Best regards
by mesnard claude on Oct 14, 2014
remote address you will reach?
dhl remote fee is too expensive, can you send it to me by ems?
Replied by Ada on Oct 14, 2014
Hello Mesnard,
We can send the goods to anywhere of the world, including remote area. If you need EMS, please leave us this message on your order to notify us.
Best regards
by Campos on Aug 18, 2014
Hi there,
I have seen the above prob on your website and notice that it does correct the mileages on older cars. Does it also do newer cars? If not do you have one that does the newer cars?
Replied by Ada on Aug 18, 2014
Hello Campos,
tacho pro is mainly work on old cars, such as cars before 2008, or some 2009 and 2010. If you want to work on newer vehicles, please choose digiprog 3 or digmaster 3. Digimaster 3 is original and updated online. Up to now, it is the most powerful mileage programmer, for digiprog 3, software is updated via email. 4.88 version support some vehicles till 2013.
Best regards
by Mr.mihai on Jan 18, 2014
vreau sa stiu daca aparatul tacho pro vine cu cutie de aluminiu sau de carton ?
Replied by Ada on Jan 19, 2014
Hello Mr. Mihai,
Acest pachet pro tacho nu au cazul. Dacă aveți nevoie de caz, puteți cumpăra asta:
Best regards
by Kizimov Maksim Yurevich on Jan 9, 2014
the Tool Tacho Pro 2008, can i transfer the EEPROM data to PC? what about digiprog 3, can i use digiprog do this? if not, do you have tool that can do this?
Replied by Ada on Jan 9, 2014
Hello Kizimov,
Sorry to tell you that digiprog 3 and tacho pro cannot  transfer the EEPROM data to PC. They work along, no need PC. If you want to do this, choose xprog, here is the link:
est regards
by Andreas Makarenko on Dec 16, 2013
i have a golf 4 2002, can i use this tacho pro to change the mileage via obd port? or other way?what about digiprog 3? this one is available?
Replied by Ada on Dec 16, 2013
Hello Andreas,
Your car is belong to old models. For obd port, only can work on part cars which is not very old. Your car need to remove the chip from dashboard and choose the cable which screen prompt to connect your car and the device, both the same way for tacho pro and digiprog 3. Screen will prompt you the chip and cable name.
Best regards
by Mr.Youri on Oct 9, 2013
Avec cette materielle possible corrige compteur suzuki grand vitara 2lHDI 2004?
Merci, Youri
Replied by Ada on Oct 9, 2013
Hello Youri,
Les deux tachy pro et digiprog 3 peuvent travailler sur Suzuki Vitara, mais nous ne testons pas toute l'année. Pour votre modèle, vous pouvez essayer d'utiliser celui-ci. Voici la liste des modèles:
tacho pro
Best regards
by Mr.keese on Jul 17, 2013
geht das gerät auch für Ford Mondeo § bj.2002
Replied by Ada on Jul 17, 2013
Hello Keese,
I check the car list, there is Ford Mondeo model in the car list, but i am not sure if it can work on 2002 model.

Überprüfe ich den Auto-Liste gibt es Ford Mondeo Modell in der Auto-Liste, aber ich bin nicht sicher, ob es sich auf Modell 2002 arbeiten.
Best regards

by KENNY on Jul 1, 2013
Can do a bmw sw 19?.....stuck trying to do it?
Replied by Ada on Jul 1, 2013
Hello Kenny,
Attached is the whole models for BMW. The best tool for BMW Audi is digimaster 3. I am afraid this tacho pro cannot work on BMW SW19.
Best regards

by Mr.Kenneth Menear on Jun 25, 2013
Will it turn bmw x5 tv on move...2005 3.0td...
Replied by Ada on Jun 25, 2013
Hello Kenneth,
There is the CD in the package. User guide is in the CD. Open this CD and follow the user instruction to use this tacho pro. I am asking my coworker to upload the CD on website. And i will release the link to our website later. If you lost your CD or your CD is broken, please download this link and use.
Best regards
by Mr.Kenneth Menear on Jun 25, 2013
Which lead is needed to unlock bmw x5 tv...please...thanks
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