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Original Xhorse Super V-A-G K+CAN V4.6 Free shipping

Original Xhorse Super V-A-G K+CAN V4.6 Free shipping

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Original Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 can be used to odometer correction, read Security Access Code, key programmer, airbag reset tool, TV Activation and diagnostic for VW Passat, VW, VW Bora, VW Polo, VW Golf, Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi A4, Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Fabia vehicles.

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by Mr.Zoltan Detari on Jul 26, 2019
Hi. This tool good to Vw Beetle 2007 (Luna) 1.4 engine, change a milage?
Replied by Eason on Jul 29, 2019
yes, usually it can support, you can try, thank you!
by Mr.Dumitru Sorin on Feb 21, 2019
Hello, I received a super vague k + can and when I first opened it had a blue screen
can it be remedied or is it defective for the first time ??
Replied by Eason on Feb 26, 2019
can you tell us your order number? thank you!
by Mr.morad on Jun 15, 2017
hi sir,
i have super vag k+can ,..has old software ,..i want up date the software(to make and read seat ibisa.
where can i find the link,...i try the above link, way to open,..
thank you.
Replied by Eason on Jun 15, 2017

Do not update it when you use this super vag k+can, new software is not steady. Or it will have blue screen problem.

by Mr.jk on Jan 2, 2017
por fabor mandame el software
Replied by Eason on Jan 2, 2017
Have a good day.
Please tell us your order number.Thank you
by Mr.mantas on Mar 4, 2015
If the Super VAG K CAN V4.6 can change the mileage of the VW golf 4 1998 model?
Replied by Ada on Mar 4, 2015
Hello Mantas,
Better to use digimaster 3. For super vag V4.8, cannot sue 100%.
Best regards
by Mr.gavin on Mar 17, 2014
Hi will the mileage crection work on my mk5 2005 golf

Thank you
Replied by Ada on Mar 17, 2014
Hello Gavin,
Better to choose digiprog 3. Digiprog 3 has higher possibility for this car model.
Best regards
by Mr.Tong on Dec 20, 2013

i have different problems with my Super Vag K + Can.
For the first i can't no adjust the mileage on a Audi A4 B5 from 1998 and for a Polo 6R from 2011 ar all functions not possible.
What can i do?
Best regards
Replied by Ada on Dec 20, 2013
Hello Mr. Tong,
Do you buy this one from our website, please give me your order number. Super vag K+Can is not good at the mileaging changing for Audi models. Do not use it to change the mileage for Audi models. If you want to change the mileage for Audi, choose digiprog 3 or digimaster 3. For Polo models, cannot work on so new cars. This one can work on VW models before 2006.
Best regards
by Mr.Kenneth Menear on Oct 28, 2013
i really want this...cannot wait to purchase...think its a great product as are all my purchases from you...thanks
Replied by Ada on Oct 28, 2013
Hello Kenneth,
Thank you for your comments. This one is in stock.
Best regards
by Mr.Carlos Brito on Jun 25, 2013
My product has blue screen. I cant do nothing. It's possible to fix it?
Replied by Ada on Jun 25, 2013
Hello Carlos,
You update it? Do not use 4.8 software to update it. 4.8 Software is not very steady, if you update it, you will meet blue screen problem. Here is the link for deupdate it: Try this software. If still do not work. Give me your order number, send it back to us, we will fix it for you.
Best regards
by Mr.Chris on Jun 19, 2013
Hi, Please if you can give me same advise !
I have 2 Super VAG K+CAN with version 4.8 and I will like to know if is possible to upgrade one of them with new software for Super VAG K+CAN PLUS to be able to work in the new cars after 2007

Thank you
Replied by Ada on Jun 19, 2013
Hello Chris,
Please do not update this. Our product is original, for new software, once 4.8 comes out, we ask it from factory, but new 4.8 software is not very steady, sometimes it will destroy the device, we do not advice our customer to update. And for super vag k+ can 4.6 and super vag k+ can plus 2.0, they are totally different tool. Although they are made by the same factory, but their software are totally different, do not use the software that is not belong to the hardware, sometimes it will destroy the hardware too.
Best regards
by Mr.blaine swieckowski on Jun 14, 2013
super vag k+can 4.6 and 2.0, which one is better for audi models?
Replied by ada on Jun 14, 2013
Hi blaine,
I do not advice you use super vag k+can 4.6 or 2.0 to change the mileage of audi. Both of them are not very good at audi vehicles. If you want to work on audi models, please choose digiprog 3 or digimaster 3.
Best regards
by Mr.Belgouni on May 27, 2013
if that is possible to do the update v4.6 to v4.8 thanks
Replied by ada on May 27, 2013
Hi Belgouni,
Yes. This one version is 4.8, and now it has changed to 4.6 version for about 1 month. Why. This one is original, but for customers, when they download the 4.8 software and use it, if you use the wrong way, then software 4.8 will be not steady. So we change the software to 4.6. And do not advice customers to use 4.8 software if you are not formaliar with this tool.
Best regards
by Mr.Mohamed on May 25, 2013
is what he does for diagnostic AudiQ7 2006
Replied by ada on May 26, 2013
Hi Mohamed,
This one only can support several Audi car models. For Audi models, i do not advice you to use this super vag k+can. This one is not steady for changing the mileage for Andi models. If you want to change the mileage for Audi modles, please choose digiprog 3 or digimaster 3. If you want to diagnose the audi modles, such as read fault code and so on, please choose Or if you want to diagnose for audi car completely, please choose VAS 5044A:
Best regards
by Mr.youman nthuthuzeli on Apr 14, 2013
9897 1st avenue boitekong ext 9 sunrise park rustenburg RSA
Replied by ada on Apr 14, 2013
Dear Youman,
Sorry to tell you that i cannot understand your meaning clearly. Can you give me more information about what you need? So that i can know your needs better and help you solve it.
Désolé de vous dire que je ne peux pas comprendre votre sens clairement. Pouvez-vous me donner plus d'informations sur ce que vous avez besoin? Alors que je peux connaître mieux à vos besoins et vous aider à le résoudre.
Best regards
by simoni paulin on Apr 8, 2013
Replied by ada on Apr 8, 2013
Dear Simoni,
Thank you for your comment. Our this Super VAG K+CAN 4.8 is original. And quality is very good.
Best regards
by simoni paulin on Apr 8, 2013
by Blokhin on Mar 4, 2013
very nice tool! i use this one to change the mileage of my VW series car models. small but usful, price is very good.
Replied by ada on Mar 4, 2013
Dear Blokhin,
Thank you for your comments. This one is original. And it is very value for money.
Best regards
by manuel ortega escribano on Jan 21, 2013
hello good, wanted to know if this device would be compatible with the program: vag eeprom programmer 1.18, greetings and thanks
Replied by ada on Jan 21, 2013
Dear manuel,
Sorry to tell you that this super VAG K+ CAN can not be compatible with the program: vag eeprom programmer 1.18.
Best regards
by Mr.Julien HINGANT on Jul 17, 2012
How much is the total cost to Nicaragua? and how long is the delivery time?
Replied by ada on Jul 17, 2012
Dear julien,

The total cost to Nicaragua is €65.99 with free shipping by singpost airmail, and the delivery time is about 12-15 working days.

Any problem, you can feel free to contact us,

by Mr.Barry Hyde on Jul 16, 2012
I want to know the difference between super vag 4.8 or the super vag 2.0, thanks in advance.
Replied by ada on Jul 16, 2012
Dear barry,

Thank you for your interesting,
Super vag 2.0 can be worked with new cars, while super vag 4.8 is used to woek with old cars.

Any problem, you can feel free to contact us,


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