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V2.13 KTAG V6.070 K-TAG ECU Programming Tool ECU Prog Tool Master Version(Choose SE80-D)

V2.13 KTAG V6.070 K-TAG ECU Programming Tool ECU Prog Tool Master Version(Choose SE80-D)

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KTAG K-TAG ECU Programming Tool is designed entirely around the needs of our customers to be more responsive and reliable. A true champion of innovation, K-TAG introduces another brand new novelty to Alientech world: J-Tag communication for Asian vehicles. Standard.

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by Mr.Lee on Jan 18, 2015
Hi my cd woz not in the box
Replied by Ada on Jan 18, 2015
Hello Lee,
This is the V1.89 software:
This is the V2.06 software:
Best regards
by marie rousseau on Oct 24, 2014
One question, if I buy the ktag, hold the wiring diagrams?.
Replied by Ada on Oct 24, 2014
Hello Marie,
Do you mean how to connect the k-tag with your car? k-tag use the same software as kess v2, for some ECU, it will gives you the prompt for how to use k-tag connect with your car.
Best regards
by Mr.Milicija on Oct 19, 2014
I would like to ask a question - will this device read and write Renault SIM32 ecu 100%?
Replied by Ada on Oct 19, 2014
Hello Milicija,
Sorry to tell you that we do not test this ECU, cannot make sure 100%.
Best regards
by Ms.Florence Jammes on Oct 9, 2014
The k-tag is limited by tokens as kess?
Replied by Ada on Oct 9, 2014
Hello Florence,
Yes. K-tag has 500 tokens, KESS V2 has 60 tokens. But for K-TAG and KESS V2, you can use J-LINK 8 to program tokens when token run over.
Best regards
by carlos on Sep 2, 2014
Hola, yo tengo vuestro ktag pero la version 1.89, puesto que yo la compre hace medio año, para ser mas exacto en enero de 2014, y yo quiero saber si solo, tengo que instalar el nuevo software 2.06 en vez del 1.89 o tengo que cambiar también el firmeware de la maquina, y si tuviera que cambiar el firmware donde esta ese volcado, ¿como puedo conseguirlo?
Replied by Ada on Sep 2, 2014
Hello Carlos,
Si su K-tag se compra a nuestra página, sólo tiene que instalar directamente software V2.06 y usarla, No hay necesidad de cambiar nada por K-TAG. Software V2.06 no se puede instalar en el mismo PC que V1.89. Si su k-tag no se compra a nosotros, entonces no puede asegurarse si se puede usar nuestro software
Best regards
by carlos on Sep 1, 2014
vale entonces para yo poder actualizar mi kess tengo que cambiar el chip¿ verdad?¿ y el volcado de ese chip donde esta?
Replied by Ada on Sep 1, 2014
Hello Carlos,
Si su k-tag se compra a nosotros, sólo tiene que utilizar directamente el software V2.06, hay necesidad de cambiar otras cosas. Si su v2 kess se compra a nosotros, sólo tienes que seguir nuestro vídeo que hacer para programar el chip, a continuación, utilizar el software V2.06
Best regards
by carlos on Sep 1, 2014
no comprendo, ¿que nuevo chip? el CPU LPC2478 NXP ese chip hay que cambiarlo
Replied by Ada on Sep 1, 2014
Hola Carlos,
este chip ha sido cambiado a un nuevo programa. Así que el hardware KESS V2 puede utilizar un nuevo software V2.06 más compatible.
Best regards
by carlos on Aug 31, 2014
¿este sw le vale tambien a la kess v2 1,89? ¿y como se actualiza? ¿por jlink?
Replied by Ada on Aug 31, 2014
Hello Carlos,
Software se actualiza a la versión V2.06, utilice el nuevo chip. El hardware no se actualiza.
Best regards
by carlos on Aug 26, 2014
hello good afternoon, half a year ago, I bought the machine with software ktag 1.86, I'm interested to upgrade it, as could update
Replied by Ada on Aug 26, 2014
Hello carlos,
This is the software link: ,KESS V2 update new adds many models, k-tag do not add too much.
Best regards
by Mr.Липекин Игорь on Aug 4, 2014
уважаемая АДА!
А для даноого продукта существует такое же решение как для КЕСС2 ,обновить до v2,06?
Replied by Ada on Aug 4, 2014
Hello Липекин,
Да. К-теги и KESS V2 теперь все обновляется, чтобы v2.06 версии. Они могут использовать то же программное обеспечение. Но не устанавливайте это два программного обеспечения на том же ноутбуке.
Best regards
by Kamel Chelghoum on Jul 7, 2014
since ktag updates to new 2.06 version, tokens is still limited? or you have resolved token problem?
Replied by Ada on Jul 7, 2014
Hello Kamel,
It have 500 tokens inside. It can be used for a very long time. When tokens run over, you can buy j-link8 to program tokens, then you can use k-tag as usual again. 
Best regards
by Mr.Липекин Игорь on Jul 7, 2014
Уважаемая АДА!
Будет ли обновление данного продукта до версии 2.06? Или прибор надо будет посылать Вам?
Replied by Ada on Jul 7, 2014
Hello Липекин,
 Это ссылка программного обеспечения Downlod:,  вы можете напрямую использовать это программное обеспечение. Нет необходимости посылать аппаратные назад к нам.  Вы можете установить это на другом ноутбуке, 2,06 есть другой протокол, как 1,89. 
Best regards
by solomon on Jun 6, 2014
thank you for dhl fast delivery, i prefer yanwen, send the rest parcel for yanwen to me.
Replied by Ada on Jun 6, 2014
Hello Solomon,
I see your new order on our website today, i have notified my warehouse coworker to change to send it to you by YANWEN express. For next time, if you need YANWEN express, please leave the message on your order to tell us.
Best regards
by Marek on May 4, 2014
do you have the connect photo for k tag and boot mod?
Replied by Ada on May 4, 2014
Hello Marek,
There is the connection photo in the software. Open the software and check.
Best regards
by Mr.MARIN on Apr 29, 2014
  Looking for a multi ECU PROGRAMMER BUT BE INCLUDED AND FOR JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2.7 CRD ECU, 2003. If you think like this (K-TAG) can be used I buy
Replied by Ada on Apr 29, 2014
Hello Marin,
This is the Jeep grand cherokee models for your referance. This one is the unviersal ECU programmer. If you want to work on many differnet ECU types, then choose this, if you only want to work on one type, we cannot make sure. Because we do not test your model. Here is the list for your referance: This one can support over 85% kind ECUs on this list.

Best regards

by Mr.gery on Feb 10, 2014
Hello, Does this ktag comes with AC adapter?
I have seen many that includes adapter?
If not what adapter can we use?
Best Regards
Replied by Ada on Feb 11, 2014
Hello Gery,
There are AC adapter on this package. We sell this one to many countries, customers from different countries can use this one.
Best regards
by Mr.Jay on Jan 28, 2014
Hi do you have the lpc2478 cpu program for the ktag so i can flash the token back to 0 ? Thanks
Replied by Ada on Feb 16, 2014
Hello Jay,
I think you mean the NXP chip for k-tag? We sell NXP chip, this is the link:
est regards
by Mr.carlos on Jan 23, 2014
good hello, I would do the upgrade failure of the machine to 1.94 or 2.00 thanks
Replied by Ada on Jan 23, 2014
Hello Carlos,
Please do not update it. Use the software inside.
Best regards
by Mr.carlos on Jan 7, 2014
Hello computer:
1) has no antivirus
2) if you recognize the hardware
3) if it is properly installed
4) was connected to the cable it says it is and the adapter it says it is (check it a few times)
5) The other day I try to read a renault edc16 c3 and I put the right family and not recognized me by renault PSA but why?
6) the upgrade to 1.95 or 1.99 does do you have?
Replied by Ada on Jan 8, 2014
Hello Carlos,
If you are avaliable, please contact us for remote control. We will test the tool by remote control for you. Just give us your ID and password, we will check software installation and running condition. This one do not have new software now. Factory is still developing the new software.
Best regards
by Mr.carlos on Jan 4, 2014
hi good morning to you buy this item, and I have a problem I do not read any ecu and tried edc16 renault delphi and siemens pdd1, and I always get the same error :: "hardware configuration not supported: send the log files to the software provider ".
connections to the ecu are checked and work perfectly with other devices bdm100 that I have, so the connections can not be, not feeding,
I need an urgent solution as much as possible, by the way the machine came with costs me 188 euros not 139 + shipping as I am watching the price
Replied by Ada on Jan 5, 2014
Hello Carlos,
If you can use BDM100 for this ECU model, then K-TAG can support this model too. I think you choose the wrong cable or there is other someting wrong for your operation. Please give me the following information:
1) Do you install the software successfully? Does there any antivirus software in your laptop?
2) Can your laptop recognize the hardware?
3) Give me your photo for your cable connection. Which cable you choose to connect the ECU? Does software prompt the cable for you? Which cable?
Best regards
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