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V10.23 XTOOL EZ400 Diagnosis System With WIFI Support Android System Update Online

V10.23 XTOOL EZ400 Diagnosis System With WIFI Support Android System Update Online

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1. Extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European vehicle makes.
2. Full System Diagnosis.
3. Support Special function.
4. Support WIFI, PAD support Android System
5. Update online.

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by Wesley on Oct 15, 2016
only 3 days to USA, fast.
Replied by Eason on Oct 15, 2016

Thank you for your support and feedback on our website.

Best Regards

by Mr.michele on May 3, 2016
buon giorno, vorrei sapere se oltre alla lingua inglese questo strumento supporta altre lingue .
ho bisogno di avere il supporto della lingua italiana.

ha aggiornamento libero o a pagamento????

by David Voigt on May 31, 2013
do you have a diagnosis that can eliminate EGR valves? my car model is bmw, your bmw icom is ok? if not, canyou recommend another tool for me?
Replied by ada on May 31, 2013
Hello David,
For BMW model, this bmw icom can be used to eliminate EGR valves.
Best regards
by Mr.emre korkanç on May 20, 2013
please make me that a gift package.
Replied by ada on May 20, 2013
Hi Emre,
You mean we write "gift" on the package and send it as the gift to you? No problem, we can write the ''GIFT'' on the package. When you place the order, please leave the message to notify us your needs.
Best regards
by faisal alharbi on May 10, 2013
i am a motorcycle lover, i want to know if this bmw icom is possible to diagnose my motorcycle? i need to confirm with you
Replied by ada on May 10, 2013
Hi Faisal,
Yes. You can use this bmw icom to diagnose your motorcycle. But you need to buy the bmw icom motorcycle diagnose cable:
Best regards
by Philipp Granse on Mar 21, 2013
i see your other comment, you say this software is instored on external hdd, right?what is the version?can you shown the link to me? if i need the latest software or want to update it, how?
Replied by ada on Mar 21, 2013
Dear Philipp,
Yes. This BMW ICOM includes the software, software is instored on external hdd. So you can use it on any brand computer. Here is the software link: Software version is 2012.5. If you want to latest software, you can choose Item number SP101 and the latest 2013.1 software. Up to now, only software has new version comes out. Hardware cannot be updated for now. If you want to update the software, you can directly choose the newest software to update it.
Best regards
by Alain on Oct 23, 2012
the software of this BMW ICOM is internal or external? i want the newest software.
Replied by ada on Oct 23, 2012
Dear Alain,
The software of this BMW ICOM is external. We also has internal software. If you want the newest bmw icom and software, you can choose bmw icom without software and the newest software.
BMW ICOM without software link:
BMW ICOM software link:
You can choose the software based on your laptop.
Best regards
by Mr.Everson on Aug 27, 2012
this bmw icom can fit the newest bmw? do i need to buy the software of the related product?
Replied by ada on Aug 27, 2012
Dear Everson,

Thank you for your interesting,
This BMW ICOM A+B+C can work with BMW until 2010. And the software is included in the products, you do not need to buy it additionally.
Best regards,


by Mr.sebastie on Jun 18, 2012
is this the latest version?
Replied by ada on Jun 18, 2012
Dear sebastie,

Up to now, it is the latest version. This version is released for about 1 month.

Any problem, you can feel free to contact us.
by Mr.Lee on May 3, 2012
Is there requirement for the brand of the computer? What is the language? only English?
Replied by ada on May 3, 2012
Dear Mr. Lee,

It has no requirement for the brand of laptop, and can work with any laptop that meet the specifiction listed on our website. Isid only has English version.
Any problem, please feel free to let us know.

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