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Best Price Digiprog III Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer V4.88

Best Price Digiprog III Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer V4.88

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  • Item No. SM33-C
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DigiProgIII is the worldwide leader in the production and marketing of digital speed programming and calibration software. Updated to V4.88. This version Digiprog3 is best price with good quality hardware.

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by Mr.Mouhamed Ammar on May 23, 2015
Guten Tag ich hatte euch angeschrieben Betreff Artikel was ihr nicht mehr auf Lager hatte wollte fragen wo ich diesen Artikel für die Fahrzeuge Nissan Toyota Mitsubishi oder für alle Fahrzeugtypen erhalten könntest wer super wenn ihr mir antworten würdet...Danke
Replied by Ada on May 24, 2015
Hello Mouhamed,
Jetzt verkaufen wir nur 4.94 Version digiprog 3. Sie können digiprog 3 Artikelnummer SM47 und SM47-F zu wählen. SM47 bietet eine bessere Qualität als SM47-F.
Best regards
by Mr.Ammar on May 11, 2015
Ich brauche das Gerät mit der Artikelnummer: SM33-C &. SM33-Z & SM33-BZ & SM47-CZ
Wann ist einer dieser artikel wieder lieferbar????Bitte um Antwort.....Danke
Replied by Ada on May 11, 2015
Hello Ammar,
Es tut uns leid, Ihnen zu sagen alle 4.88 Version digiprog 3 Stop-Produktion. Wir verkaufen nur 4,94 Version digiprog 3. SM47-CZ ist ausverkauft, wir sind nicht sicher, wann wird uns eintreffen. Sie können wählen, andere Version digiprog 3, die auf Lager ist.
Sorry to tell you all 4.88 version digiprog 3 stop production. We only sell 4.94 version digiprog 3. SM47-CZ is out of stock, we are not sure when will arrive us. You can choose other version digiprog 3 which is in stock.
Best regards
by Mr.paulo on Apr 28, 2014
I've tried de Digiprog 3 with OBD cable, in four cars, Volkswagen Sharan year 2000, Volkswagen Golf year 2002, Opel Astra year 2001 and Audi A4 year 2005 and the device responds:
(error no connection) –

What's going on ??
Replied by Ada on Apr 28, 2014
Hello Paulo,
For the car you test, it belongs to old cars. For cars before 2008, cannot be directly changed by OBD port. You need to use the way to desolder the chips. Choose the car based on the car models, do not directly choose by OBD port way to change the mileage. After you choose the car model, it will prompt you the chip which saved the mileage and the cable you need to work. Then disassemble the dashboard, and find the prompt chip from dashboard, use the prompt cable to connect this chip with digiprog 3. Then you can read and write. For cars which is not done by OBD port, if you use OBD cable to change the mileage, it will prompt the error like you mentioned.
Best regards
by john meterson on Mar 5, 2014
i bought the 4.85 version from you several month ago, i want to know when this sm33-c version digiprog 3 can update to 4.88 via email?
Replied by Ada on Mar 5, 2014
Hello John,
Now SM33 and SM33-B can use email to update. Up to now, SM33-C still cannot be updated by email. You can pay attention to our website. When this one can update by email, we will release the news on our website. Usually this one can be updated in the future.
Best regards
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