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V10.4 FVDI2 Commander For BMW and MINI FVDI Free get Software

V10.4 FVDI2 Commander For BMW and MINI FVDI Free get Software

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BMW and MINI FVDI commander basic function includes: Diagnose, Program flash memory/Vehicle Order data/mileage/keys, coding, read/write EEPROM/memory/trouble codes and so on. Now buy this one, we send Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia and Tag key tool software for free.
Now buy, get free Honda HDS V3.102,JLR SDD V150.00,TIS V12.00.124,VCM IDS ,OBD Terminator VAG + Hyundai+ Kia + Tag + (daf or bikes)Software.

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by david on Jun 27, 2016
Hello, I want to buy. (Fvdi) I wonder what they do. Multiplies the key. Removes the 7-speed box with the old program. I would like to just Mercedes. Also possible to use me the rules. I'm from Georgia. I must thank you
Replied by jolly on Jun 27, 2016
Hello david
Thanks very much for your message, for FVDI, we only tested the functions of basic diagnostic. For special key programming functions, 
we only suggest you to test.
by lam do on Jan 7, 2016
I correct odo for renault megane 3 . It need reset dashboard. But I do not know how to reset dashboard. Please help me how to reset dashboard.
Thanh you
Replied by Ada on Jan 7, 2016
Hello Lam,
For reset dashboard, usually it means reboot the dashboard automatically. Yours are reboot automatically or not?
Best regards
by james auchterlonie on Aug 13, 2015
dear seller,
how do i know my fvdi is the new firmware or old? because i remember i add the software before, but i do not know the exact time, can you check it for me? thx
Replied by Ada on Aug 13, 2015
Hello James,
Do you have the software dog:, which has the serial id on it. If you have this one, then it is the new firmware, if you do not have this one, then it is the old.
Best regards
by rigoberto arriaga on Jan 7, 2015
hello ada,
thank you for your answer, my another question is, if i use v6.3 software now, in the future, if i find v6,2 is more useful, can i uninstall v6.3 and go back to use v6.2 again?
thanks again
Replied by Ada on Jan 7, 2015
Hello Rigoberto,
Sorry to tell you after you update the firmware and software to V6.3, you cannot use V6.2 anymore.
Best regards
by rigoberto arriaga on Jan 7, 2015
hello, i see v6.3 software is release, can i directly install v6.3 instead of v6.2?
Replied by Ada on Jan 7, 2015
Hello Rigoberto,
I think you mean V6.3 installation software, not FVDI renault V6.3 software. For installation software V6.2 for all FVDI, this one test result is very good, and it is more stable than V6.3. For V6.3, our test result is V6.2 is more easier to use than V6.3. So still advice you use V6.2 installation software. We have asked factory to change the V6.3, to more easier to use and more powerful. And once they change it ready, we will release V6.3 officially, and make the video for it. Now on our installation video, it is still V6.2. So please use V6.2.
Best regards
by Andre Boccheciampe on Jan 5, 2015
i bought fvdi with benz, vag, ford three software with one firmware last year, about march, now i want to update my fvdi, my question is:
1) Do i need to pay the 3 update or one update?
2) Do i have to send you the units?
Replied by Ada on Jan 5, 2015
Hello Andre,
1) You only need to pay the firmware update, 90USD not including shipping cost. 2015 Software is free to provide. Only firmware charge money.
2) You need to send main unit back to us.
Best regards
by tounsal on Dec 26, 2014
morning obd2express team,
i would like to purchase fvdi version 10.4 for benz, just wondering if u could give me two kind software as the gift. such as opel and renalt? i do not need daf or bike software, can i change the daf software to another one i need?
thanks T
Replied by Ada on Dec 26, 2014
Hello Tounsal,
Sorry to tell you cannot change the gift software, you need to choose the gift software based on the option of our website. Or you can choose Opel gift software, and pay to open renault software.
Best regards
by Emma Harrison on Nov 23, 2014
hello, do you have the user manual inside the CD? or some handbook to tell me how to use it?
Replied by Ada on Nov 23, 2014
Hello Emma,
After you install the software ready, click help option, and you will find the user manual on the installation content.
Best regards
by david caignart on Oct 13, 2014
hello ada
when fvdi go back to sell again? I bought a FVDI VAG there is 1 the years, now i want to add software for bmw, is it ok for now? can you tell me the price for the SOFTWARE for bmw (only download I do not need of cd),
Thank you
Replied by Ada on Oct 13, 2014
Hello David,
Sorry to tell you that factory is update the software and firmware now. When they update it ready, we will sell this one again. And you can ask the price on that time.
Best regards
by Brett Forward on Apr 24, 2014
i have a BMW F20 year 2012, want to buy BMW Smart Key 3 button 868MHZ 2012 item number SA1213 to program a new key, which programmer do you recommend to me, this fvdi will do?
Replied by Ada on Apr 24, 2014
Hello Brett,
1) if your key is in the first half 2012, then can use digimaster 3 or ckm100 together with BDM adapter, to program key via BDM mode
2) If your key is in the second half 2012, then it is CAS4+, does not support at present. CAS after 2010 version is 5M48H CPU
Best regards
by hasan on Nov 20, 2013
when will you release new software?
Replied by Ada on Nov 20, 2013
Hello Hasan,
Now factory is testing new software, after they test it ready, we will release new software. About 2-3 weeks.
Best regards
by Andreas on Sep 25, 2013
can i buy this on by credit card? do you accept it?
Replied by Ada on Sep 25, 2013
Hello Andreas,
We accept Paypal, western union, T/T and money gram. You can use your credit card to creat a paypal account and make payment by Paypal.
Best regars
by martin on Aug 14, 2013
which system to install the software? xp? win 7?win8 is avaliable?
Replied by Ada on Aug 14, 2013
Hello Martin,
We test this software on XP system. Working perfect. So i advice you to use XP system to install the software. Up to now, we have sold many packages FVDI series, no customer reflect system problem to us. So you can use win 7 to try.
Best regards
by Edgar on Aug 5, 2013
hey, i have bought this fvdi commander from your two month ago, my version is i see your latest version is 10.1, can i update my software to this latest version? how? need send back to you? or will you charge money?
Replied by Ada on Aug 5, 2013
Hello Edgar,
There is the serial number for every device. Please give me the serial number of your FVDI. We will ask factory to produce the latest software based on your device. Then send it to you for free. When you get it, install the new software to instead of the old.
Best regards
by Mathias Schamberger on Jul 15, 2013
any instruction for usage? like user guide, manual, video and so on??
Replied by Ada on Jul 15, 2013
Hello Mathias,
After you install the software ready, you will see the detailed user manual for these functions.
Best regards
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