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FVDI2 Commander for PSA Peugeot Citroen (V6.7)

FVDI2 Commander for PSA Peugeot Citroen (V6.7)

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FVDI2 Commander for Peugeot Citroen support reading Pin code, key programming, read/write EEPROM, read/clear fault codes, dump tool and so on. If you buy this set, we will send you Hyundai, Kia and Tag key tool software for free.

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by Ms.CHANG on Dec 25, 2018
Cual es la herramienta, mejor opción para modificar km en los vehículos PSA hasta modelos del año 2015?
Replied by Eason on Dec 26, 2018
Puedes elegir esta herramienta, puede soportar:

thank you!

by david atkinson on Jun 8, 2015
this fvdi can adjust the speed limitation for Peugeot boxer 2015?
Replied by Ada on Jun 8, 2015
Hello David,
Sorry this one cannot do, we do not have good tool to do this.
Best regards
by Andrew on Feb 18, 2014
what is the meaning of psa? special function for this fvdi?
Replied by Ada on Feb 18, 2014
Hello Andrew,
PSA is for Peugeot and Citroen.
Best regards
by Mr.david smith on Jan 30, 2014
are there any updates for PSA and renault modules??? the first time i tried the peugoet one it fried a BSI johnson controls be warned
Replied by Ada on Feb 7, 2014
Hello David,
Our software version is V6.3 now, new software will release in the future. If you want update, you can contact us. If you just want to change the mileage for BSI, this one is not a very good choice, this one is better on diagnose and other function. For BSI mileage correction, better to choose
Best regards
by berman javier on Dec 9, 2013
i hear that this one has very good diagnose function, but i want to change the mileage on bsi also, what about this function?
Replied by Ada on Dec 9, 2013
Hello Berman,
This one diagnose function is very good. But if you only want to change the mileage on BSI, please choose This one is more professional for BSI mileage changing.
Best regards
by Mr.K on Aug 2, 2013
Do you sell a unit that contains all car Vfdi unit....all leads....instead of buying all the different boxes to cover all makes?
Replied by Ada on Aug 2, 2013
Hello K,
For FVDI series, only software are different. Hardware does not have any difference. Only for some car models, they add some special cables. You buy one hardware, you can use all the software. But price for software and the whole package are the same. Such as you buy Ford and Mitsubishi, if you just want one hardware and two software, price are the same for two hardware and two software.  
For the whole software, price is expensive. Maybe you can choose universal diagnostic tool, you can choose our Autel DS708, Launch x431 IV, here is the link:
For this two products, they are all original. It can work on most main brands for Asian, European, USA models and so on.
Best regards
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