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V5.7 FVDI2 Commander For Fiat Alfa Lancia multi-language

V5.7 FVDI2 Commander For Fiat Alfa Lancia multi-language

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  • Item No. SV65

FVDI2 Commander For Fiat/Alfa Lancia support diagnose, Odometer correction, Read and Clear DTC's, Read/Write eeprom memory, key learning and so on. Buy this FVDI and get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool software for free.

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by Mr. Giugnarelli Ugo on Feb 12, 2018
Hi, I have already made several purchases from you, and this time I would be willing to buy fvdi commander from you.
but I can not really understand what this appliance really can do,
can I have more details? when I use the translator, the information is not always clear to me,
I read that there is an authorization for a year, at the end of this year what happens? It does not work anymore?
Replied by jolly on Feb 26, 2018
Hello Mr. Giugnarelli Ugo,
Thank you for your interested in our product 
It means if you want another car software, then you need to paid for authorization fee, or you cant use it 
by kostas on Aug 16, 2013
Hallo I want to know about the special function . working all ...?
Replied by Ada on Aug 16, 2013
Hello Kostas,
For special function, such as key learning, odometer correction and so on, factory and we have tested most of the car models in the list. We can test these function successfully.
Best regards
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