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V6.3 FVDI2 Commander For Renault

V6.3 FVDI2 Commander For Renault

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K-line ISO 9141 (100 mA) multiplexed to 24 different pins of the diagnostic connector, Single wire CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector.

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by Mr.fred on Jan 4, 2017
Hello I have a problem with my FVDI
When I want to program card for renault SCENIC 3 and renault MEGANE 3 j ia this message .....

This is updated serversion of the bcm .. to make key
BCM module with the ABPROG.
Wining diagram for the ABPROG is found in the user manual.

Do you want to continue by selecting BCM dump?
Replied by Eason on Jan 5, 2017
You need use avdi original programmer to read BCM dump
Any questions,pls free feel to contact us.

by lam do on Jan 7, 2016

When I correct mileage Megane 3, The software ask me reset dashboard , but I do not know how to reset dashboard. Please help me how to reset dashboard.

Thank you!
Replied by Ada on Jan 7, 2016
Hello Lam,
For reset dashboard, usually it means reboot the dashboard automatically. Yours are reboot automatically or not?
Best regards
by lam do on Jan 7, 2016

Can this one can correct odo for Koleos, megane, Latitude, Duster?
Replied by Ada on Jan 7, 2016
Hello Lam,
It support the following:
  Mileage recalibration in Instrument cluster (JC) - Laguna III, Megane III, Fluence, Master III, Scenic III, Scenic/Modus (2003-2004), Clio II, Kango by OBDII
  Mileage Recalibration by OBDII - Renault Megane II, Renault Clio III 2005 year (Visteon instrument cluster), Renault Megane II 2004 - 2005 year (JC instrument cluster)
  Mileage recalibration for Renault Clio/Kango/Meganne with HC908 JAEGER by dash connector
Best regards
by LayerCake on Jan 7, 2015
my fvdi is bought from your site in 2014 with volvo software, now i want to add this ford and use latest volvo 2015 software, is it possible for you directly to send it to me, without sending it back to you, because shipping cost is very expensive and it will cost a very long time to arrive you
Replied by Ada on Jan 7, 2015
Hello L,
Sorry to tell you 2014 firmware cannot directly use 2015 software. You need to send the main unit back to us to update, then add more software.
Best regards
by Florence Jammes on Jun 25, 2014
i need to program a new renault 433 mhz keys, one button, you fvdi scanner will be able to do that? do you have this key on your site, i want to buy the key as well the scanner
Replied by Ada on Jun 25, 2014
Hello Florence,
Do you mean this key? One of our customer can use this FVDI renault to program this key. If your key is the same one as this, then you can use our FVDI do.
Best regards
by Jorge on Nov 7, 2013
i have one renault plus nissan key programmer, it needs to buy the pin code calculator to use together with this programmer, i want to know if this one can work alone, no need to buy other tools to get the pin code?
Replied by Ada on Nov 7, 2013
Hello Jorge,
Yes. This one can work along, no need to buy pin code calculator.
Best regards
by stephane birost on Aug 11, 2013
since you send the other software for free, does it mean i can use the other software at the same time? different software to use the same hardware?
Replied by Ada on Aug 11, 2013
Hello Stephane,
For the free software, just install the software ready, then you can use it. No need to pay more money. Different software can use the same hardware.
Best regards
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