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KESS V2 plus ECM TITANIUM V1.61 Software save 8.99EUR

KESS V2 plus ECM TITANIUM V1.61 Software save 8.99EUR

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KESS V2 plus TITANIUM V1.61 Software, work on more ECU models.

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by rouillon on Nov 10, 2014

Can you tell me when will you have the Alientech Kess in Version 2.08 too?

best regards
Replied by Ada on Nov 10, 2014
Hello Rouillon,
Sorry to tell you that we are not sure, first test is not past, our factory is still changing it. When it pass the test, we will release it at once.
Best regards
by marc ave on Oct 24, 2014
Hi I'm looking at buying your v2.08 kess and ktag can you tell me how long it will be till you have

v2.08 as it has the golf Gtd protocol thanks
Replied by Ada on Oct 24, 2014
Hello Marc,
Our kess V2 will be updated to V2.08 version in the next following two weeks. You can pay attention to this update.
Best regards
by Mercier on Oct 21, 2014
ECM TITANIUM 1.61 with 18475 Driver, your software is the full version or credit version??
Replied by Ada on Oct 21, 2014
Hello Mercier,
This is the full version.
Best regards
by roland on Oct 8, 2014
Do you have the latest version 2.08?
Replied by Ada on Oct 8, 2014
Hello Roland,
Our engineer is testing V2.08 software, after this software pass the test and stable, we will release this. KESS V2 is free to update.
Best regards
by Mr.Липекин Игорь on Oct 4, 2014
Здравствуйте АДА!
Получил отправление. Спасибо.
Два вопроса.
1. Прибор KESS V2 готов к работе по версии 2.06 или его еще надо подготовить согласно видеоинструкции?
2. Есть ли видеоинструкция по установке TITANIUM V1.61?
Replied by Ada on Oct 5, 2014
Hello Липекин,
Happy to hear you have get the parcel.
1) Now our KESS V2 has been updated to V2.06 version, you can directly install this software and use. Only if the tokens run out, you can follow the video to add tokens.
2) ECM 1.61 software can be used together with KESS V2, most customers will install them on the same laptop. This is the ECM 1.61 software installation video:
Best regards
by Mr.TD on Aug 27, 2014
i am interested in this package offer and want to order this,
and i have question what is price for shipping in to canada. do you send it to south africa, what shipping method?
Replied by Ada on Aug 27, 2014
Hello T,
Thank you for your interesting. We can use DHL to send it to any where of the world, shipping cost is 31EUR.
Best regards
by Tayyib on Aug 26, 2014
may i install titanium software together with kess v2 on the same pc? will they have influence for each other? what about k-tag? do these three work on same pc?
Replied by Ada on Aug 27, 2014
Hello Tayyib,
Yes. KESS V2 and TITANIUM software can be used on the same laptop. K-TAG better do not install on the same PC as KESS V2.
Best regards
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