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AUGOCOM H8 Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool (Choose SH47/SH27)

AUGOCOM H8 Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool (Choose SH47/SH27)

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As a truck diagnostic scanner, AUGOCOM H8 supports diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and more. With USB connection, more fast for reprogramming. It includes multi-kinds of software, such as Hino, Cummins, Caterpillar, volvo, toyota and so on. Work on more models. Full packages.

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by RANDOLPH STILWELL on Aug 16, 2015
can i use h8 scanner test cat and cummings engines for north american?
Replied by Ada on Aug 16, 2015
Hello Randolph,
Yes. For CAT vehicle, it can work on part North American vehicles, for Cummings, it can test all. If you want to work on more CAT vehicles, please choose our CAT scanner.
Best regards
by guenter rabacher on Jul 31, 2015
can i use your h8 scanner test iveco trucks?
Replied by Ada on Jul 31, 2015
Hello Guenter,
Sorry to tell you this AUGOCOM H8 does not include IVECO software, it cannot work on IVECO vehicles. If you want to diagnose IVECO trucks, you can choose Item number SH09
Best regards
by Mr.AMIR KESO on May 24, 2014
how would like 2 know how mutch is full saftware
Replied by Ada on May 25, 2014
Hello Amir,
Thank you for your interesting, do you mean if this augocom H8 is the full version or not? This AUGOCOM H8 is the full version, it includes the software and all hardware. This is the real product photo:, products includes all parts on this photo.
Best regards
by Mike Baal on Mar 30, 2014
augocom truck work on iveco truck models?
Replied by Ada on Mar 30, 2014
Hello Mike,
No. AUGOCOM H8 cannot work on this model. Please use this one:
est regards
by Jarek on Jun 26, 2013
almost the same description as nexiq, language is the same too? do you have multi-language to recommend?
Replied by Ada on Jun 26, 2013
Hello Jarek,
Yes, this augocom h8 has the same function as Nexiq, only this one cannot work on ISUZU models. This one only has English language up to now. If you need other language truck diagnostic tool, you can choose DPA5 Dearborn Portocol Adapter 5, here is the link:
Best regards
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