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<b>(6% OFF €709)</b> WAS Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Multi-Language Bluetooth

(6% OFF €709) WAS Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Multi-Language Bluetooth

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MULTI-DIAG TRCUK Heavy Duty Diagnostic tool is developed by European companies. It covers all European trucks, buses and light vehicles, the DTCs and data is absolutely accurate, ad michell and alldata, multi-diag truck includes maintenance information, manual, circuit diagram and device parameters.

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by Mr.Ovidiu on Jun 4, 2018
The software can be install on windows 10? We have a small garage for trucks in uk (Volvo , Scania, Daf , Renault, Man, Mercedes). Which diagnosis you think will do the best job like diagnostic , calibrating , ecu programming etc. jaltest or WAS? And what’s the latest software for both. Thank you!
Replied by Eason on Jun 4, 2018
The software can ben install on windows xp and 7, about windows 10, We have not tried.
The jaltest software is relatively new and supports newer cars.
Looking forward to your reply as soon as possible, thank you!
by Mr.Pietro on Mar 27, 2018
Hello, I wanted to ask you something about this product: does it function in italian? Is it okay for the truck MAN, IVECO and MERCEDES BENZ? I also want to know if it has the adblue SCR function. Thank you.
Replied by Eason on Mar 27, 2018
Yes, it can support italian, it can support truck MAN, IVECO MERCEDES BENZ,  and it has the adblue SCR function.
Do you want buy it? 
Looking forward to your reply as soon as possible, thank you!

by Mr.Maitham on Dec 23, 2017
I want buy this but I can't why?
Replied by Eason on Dec 24, 2017
Or we can send the paypal invoice to you, ok? please tell us your paypal account.

by Opel Manta on Jan 7, 2016
Hi ada,
My customer is looking a tool for changing the factory speed limit in trucks, particular Volvo and Scania trucks. Can you tell me do you sell such a tool? can MULTI-DI@G, adjust the speel limit? Also is there a tool available to change parameters/ switch off digital tachograph systems.
Replied by Ada on Jan 8, 2016
Hello Opel,
Hello, for volvo truck, you can choose vcds +  volvo  sips, for scania, we do not test this function. for multi-diag truck, it does not has this function. This one has many special function.
Best regards
by David Ferris on Apr 27, 2015
how is the programming function for heavy duty?
Replied by Ada on Apr 27, 2015
Hello David,
What brand heavy duty you want to program? Please give me detailed information.
Best regards
by Mario MATRAIA on Mar 29, 2015
hi ada, do you have laptop for this truck scanner? i need you install and activate the software before delivery, which laptop i can choose?
Replied by Ada on Mar 29, 2015
Hello Mario,
Yes. You can choose our dell laptop with 4G RAM. Item number SO106-B. Do not forget to choose the HDD on our website. 
Best regards
by Vidovic Nenad on Jan 8, 2015
good quality as usual!!!
by Célia HUBERT on Nov 6, 2014
Can I turn the laptop off when I'm waiting for you to send the data back to me or does the laptop need to be on all the time?
Replied by Ada on Nov 6, 2014
Hello Celia,
You can turn off the laptop. Directly use the code when you get it. If you do not change the laptop, then activation code will not change.
Best regards
by stephane on Oct 20, 2014
can i install the software on any laptop i like?
do i need to activate the software again?? free? if not,what is the price for second activation?
Replied by Ada on Oct 20, 2014
Hello Stephane,
This one can be used on one laptop. If you install the software on second laptop, you need activate it again, and use it normally like the first laptop. But attention: first laptop activation will be invalid if you install the software on another laptop. If you use the hardware on first laptop again, then hardware will be locked. You need to send it back to us to fix.
So just use this one on one laptop if you can.
Best regards
by pascal fere on Oct 20, 2014
hello ada,
i send the activation code to you last night, do you get it?
when can you give me the activation code, because i keep computer still on from last night
Replied by Ada on Oct 20, 2014
Hello Pascal,
Now we go back to work, we have sent your code and photo to factory to ask for the activation code. We will send it to you later. Please check your mail box later.
You can close the laptop. No need to keep it on. Usually for one laptop, activation code will not chanage. If you install the software on another laptop, you will get the new code and need to activate it again. 
Best regards
by azurenergie on Oct 8, 2014
best and favourite seller, good price and fast shipping and always read to help for remote
Replied by Ada on Oct 8, 2014
Hello Azurenergie,
Thank you for your support for our website. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by samba marega on Sep 10, 2014
hello, this is the data i get from my pc
PN - MA006964
FW - 11.3.1
SN - P001670708
code photo link:
please give me the activation code
Replied by Ada on Sep 10, 2014
Hello Samba,
we get your information, this is the code you need: 7B522-CAD43-30AF8-9CAF3-1F600-025D8-B7381-925DC
Best regards
by Andrey Shevyrin on Aug 28, 2014
Hi thank you for the key, software working, I was just wondering if this software covers 2005 silverado 2500HD.
Replied by Ada on Aug 28, 2014
Hello Andrey,
This one supported the vehicle listed on the page, We do not test your model, you can try it by yourself.
Best regards
by Mr.Tony Michael on Jul 25, 2014
Please activation code for

PN MA006964
FW 11.3.1
SN P001670709

Replied by Ada on Jul 25, 2014
Hello Tony,
I get your data. Please send your activation photo like the one on technical support to, we need to provide this photo to factory too. And i will send activation data to you via email later.
Best regards
by Mr.Varga József on Jun 26, 2014
Hi, looking at this product, what trailer systems does it cover please. WABCO Haldex etc?
Replied by Ada on Jun 26, 2014
Hello Varga,
This one can support trailer, you can see the detailed vehicle on the list:
Best regards
by dany dufour on May 28, 2014
i know this one diagnosis function is very good, how about the ecu programming function? it have? i also need to reprogram ecu,thx.
Replied by Ada on May 29, 2014
Hello Dany,
This one has ECU programming function. You can use it to program ECU.
Best regards
by rodolphe ulldemolins on May 6, 2014
what kind of scanner i can use for bmw, benz, toyota, vw cars as well as heavy duty for volvo mercedes man scania and hino the latest model?
Replied by Ada on May 6, 2014
Hello Rodolphe,
Sorry to tell you that this Multi-diag truck is mainly used for truck models, it can support the heavy duty models you mentioned. Cannot work on cars. If you want to work both cars and trucks, you can choose launch GDS, Fcar for cars and trucks.
Best regards
by Rob on Apr 30, 2014
Hi this tool work with Hino Truck
Replied by Ada on Apr 30, 2014
Hello Rob,
Thank you for your sharing. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by werner on Apr 28, 2014
thx, it works now :)
Replied by Ada on Apr 28, 2014
Hello Werner,
Happy to hear that. For next time, if you need to activate special function, please send your order number and serial number and the function you want to open to
Best regards
by werner on Apr 28, 2014
today i use this multi-diagnostic heavy duty scanner to diagnose my Benz need expert 4, work perfect as usual, when i test Renault truclk Kerax 440 2008 Iveco Eurotech,2000 year, it pups up "error message: unable to connect to ECU,choose the correct system", i need the digital code, please activate this special function and give me the code, my serial number is P001654888
Replied by Ada on Apr 28, 2014
Hello Werner,
The code you need is " DRXV ".
Best regards
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