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<b>(7% OFF €702)</b> WAS Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Multi-Language Bluetooth

(7% OFF €702) WAS Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Multi-Language Bluetooth

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MULTI-DIAG TRCUK Heavy Duty Diagnostic tool is developed by European companies. It covers all European trucks, buses and light vehicles, the DTCs and data is absolutely accurate, ad michell and alldata, multi-diag truck includes maintenance information, manual, circuit diagram and device parameters.

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by Robin Wallberg on Jan 6, 2014
diagnose function is very good, as well as bluetooth. but today i use this diag to calibrate the clutch, it asks me for the pin code? what is the pin code? can you give it to me? or do i need to pay money to get it? or can i buy keygen for all the function which needs code?
Replied by Ada on Jan 6, 2014
Hello Robin,
Please give me your serial number, we will calculate the pin code for you. For some cars, it will needs code. If you need the code, just tell me your serial number, the function you want to do, we will calculate the compatible code for you. It is totally free. No need pay money.
Best regards
by javier on Dec 31, 2013
do you provide activation after 2 years? will you charge money? or it is totally free? if you will charge fees, how much? tell me the detailed answer, thank you.
Replied by Ada on Dec 31, 2013
Hello Javier,
Yes. We provide activation service after 2 years. It is totally free. No need to pay money in the future.
Best regards
by renata ziarnko on Dec 26, 2013
tell me the password for bluetooth
Replied by Ada on Dec 26, 2013
Hello Renata,
Bluetooth password is 1234.
Best regards
by christine on Aug 28, 2013
my truck is mitsubish, i need to have these function: diagnose, program key, ecu, does this multi-diag truck is avaliable?
Replied by Ada on Aug 28, 2013
Hello Christine,
I think MUT-3 is the one you are looking for. MUT-3 is the professional tool for mitsubish cars and trucks. It can meet your needs. Here is the link: Item No. SP29-B is the best quality.
Best regards
by Bill on Jul 16, 2013
your this multi diag truck tool work on keys? if the i want to copy the key, can i use this one? for truck keys??
Replied by Ada on Jul 16, 2013
Hello Bill,
This one can be used for programming keys, we have confirmed this information with factory.
Best regards
by Didier on Jul 11, 2013
does this software needs active? authorization? when i get it, do i need to pay money again? or this is the whole cost? will not charge any fees in the future. if i do not want to pay money, will be lock or become useless?
Replied by Ada on Jul 11, 2013
Hello Didier,
This software needs active before use. I have added this information on our technical support. It is free to active. We only charge the price and shipping cost for DHL, we will not charge any extra money when you use. You do not need to pay any other fees when you get it. You can use it all the time, it will not locked.
Best regards
by Zoheb Bhimani on Jul 8, 2013
what is the difference for nexiq and dpa5? function and car list? give me the key information.
Replied by Ada on Jul 8, 2013
Hello Zoheb,
Nexiq and DPA5 is mainly used for USA series trucks. And for this Multi-diag diagnostic tool, it is used for European trucks. Can cover almost all kinds of european truck models. So the first two are bought by USA customers and so on. The last is mainly bought by our european customers.
Best regards
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