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Newest V4.88 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer full packages (Choose SM47-D/SM47E/SM47F)

Newest V4.88 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer full packages (Choose SM47-D/SM47E/SM47F)

  • Item No. SM33-E
  • Out Of Stock

As the universal odometer programmer, digiprog 3 is welcomed by a lot of customers. Now it newly release the 4.88 software. New add more models.

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by Jerome Breitenstein on Nov 16, 2014
do you sell 28f800 chip?
Replied by Ada on Nov 16, 2014
Hello Jerome,
Yes. I need to know if your digiprog 3 is bought from our website, because only our digiprog 3 can use our chip. If yes, please give me your order number and serial number, we will customize this chip from factory for you.
Best regards
by Mr.Jack gatis on Oct 15, 2014
Hi there,
Will the digiprog work with the new citroen berlingo 2008-?
If so what cables does it need?

Replied by Ada on Oct 15, 2014
Hello Jack,
Thank you for your interesting. For your car, if your car is psa bsi computer, then please choose digimaster 3 to change the mileage, Digimaster 3 can support part PSA BSI system, but not all. Digiprog 3 can work on citroen berlingo too. But not good for PSA BSI system. Attached is the user manual for digiprog 3 of citroen berlingo vehicle. Different car use different way to work.
Best regards
by Mr.Mehmet on Apr 21, 2014
Hi Ada,
I am also interested in the Digipro 4.88 and have a question on before I order.
I would appreciate a quick response very much.

Are the following vehicles supported?
1 - Peugeot 307cc (1996)
2 - Seat Ibiza (2011)
3 - Audi A6 (2009)
4 - Audi Q5 (2009)

Thanks in advance
Replied by Ada on Apr 21, 2014
Hello Mehmet,
Your car model is in the supported range. As we cannot test all year models one by one, so cannot sure 100% it can work on every model you mentioned. You can try this one. For old car, it needs to remove the chip from dashboard (instrument cluster), you need have basic knowledge to know how to do it, because it needs to do manually.
Best regards
by Mr.k on Jan 5, 2014
can this unit do the bmw e61? 5 series 330d...thanks
Replied by Ada on Jan 5, 2014
Hello K,
If you only work on one bmw car model, then choose digimaster 3. Digimaster 3 is more professional for BMW and Benz cars than digiprog 3. Cables and supported chips are more complete.
Best regards
by Mr.Jens Bauer on Dec 5, 2013
Very good item! works perfectley :-)
Replied by Ada on Dec 5, 2013
Hello Jens,
Thank you for your comment.
Best regards
by Peter Thomas on Nov 26, 2013
this one has the hc12 cable? i need this cable
Replied by Ada on Nov 26, 2013
Hello Peter,
Sorry to tell you that our digiprog 3 do not have this cable. You can buy this cable from original factory then use it together with our digiprog 3. Or you can choose this one:
est regards
by Ms.Anja Watermann on Nov 6, 2013

I am interested in buying the newest Digiprog 3 V.85 Master Entire Kit. Item No. SM33-3
I have a couple of questions;
1. Does this come with a complete set of leads along with the OBD lead?
2. How is the software updated?
3. Is it in stock for immediate delivery?

Anja Watermann,
Replied by Ada on Nov 6, 2013
Hello Anja,
Thank you for your interesting. Here is the answer:
1) Here is the whole cable list:
2) This is the 4.85 version. We have updated this digiprog 3 to 4.85 version and test it, then send it to you.
3) I check the stock, all 4.85 version digiprog 3 are in stock now. For SM33-E, SM33-4.85 and SM33-G.
Best regards
by Artem Sobolenskiy on Oct 16, 2013
i see you changed the old 4.82 sm33 digiprog 3 to 4.85 version, now you change it again, why? this one is different?
Replied by Ada on Oct 16, 2013
Hello Artem,
This SM33-E is the 4.85 update version for SM33 digiprog 3. Because still many customers need the old 4.82 version. So i release a new 4.85 version.
Best regards
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