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Original CareCar C68 Retail DIY Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool Two Years Free Update

Original CareCar C68 Retail DIY Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool Two Years Free Update

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CareCar C68 multi-language is the universal diagnostic tool for DIY and repair shop. Support Diagnose, Adaptation, Key Programming, Actuation, ECU programming, Injector programming and so on. Almost all functions you need for your car.

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by Mr.JM Dingcong on Nov 22, 2015

i would like to ask if you can open the range rover car software for my C68 Carecar?


Replied by Ada on Nov 22, 2015
Hello JM,
This one has landrover. If you want to open this software, you can pay the price, we will ask factory open the software authorization for you.
Best regards
by Mr.alin preda on Dec 31, 2014
Hi. Is your item coming with all cars install all ready for first two years?
Replied by Ada on Jan 1, 2015
Hello Alin,
For Carecar C68, we provide one kind software for free, such as Benz software. If you need the other software, you need to pay money to buy to open the authorization. And all free or non-free software support free update for two years.
Best regards
by Mr.abraham mensah on Sep 6, 2014
may i know the price including all the accesaries
Replied by Ada on Sep 6, 2014
Hello Abraham,
Thank you for your interesting. For this carecar C68, price is 210EUR, this price includes one gift car model software and whole hardware (same show on the photo and package list).
Best regards
by faycal tayebi on Aug 20, 2014
sorry, bad news, l do not remember the password for register, now i cannot log in the official website to update, can you help me find my password?
Replied by Ada on Aug 20, 2014
Hello Faycal,
Do not worry, please give me your serial number, and the password you want to change to, we will contact factory to change the password for you.
Best regards
by donald smith on Aug 18, 2014
serial number: 680130028300, want to open toyota software authorization, i want to know when it will be over for this, when i can download this software free online?
Replied by Ada on Aug 18, 2014
Hello Donald,
We have provide this serial number to factory a moment ago, and now software is opened ready. Usually it will be done within 2 hours on working days.
Best regards
by Simon Peter maya on Aug 8, 2014
when will you release polish language? or if i buy this scanner, in the future if it adds polish language, can i change my scanner to polish language?
Replied by Ada on Aug 8, 2014
Hello Simon,
Thank you for your interesting. This one does not have polish language. If you need polish language, you can choose S777 scanner item number SP197. We are not sure if this one will adds polish language or not in the future. If it has polish language, you can free download the latest polish software from official website.
Best regards
by derry on Oct 28, 2013
from your meaning, do i regard if i need toyota software, then buy this c68, then i can get this toyota software for free, no need to pay money, right? i want usa software package, then send another 119.99USD, then i will get the usa software package? you will open all authorization for me, no need to pay extra fee?
Replied by Ada on Oct 28, 2013
Hello Derry,
You are right. If you only need one kind software, then we will send it to you for free, no need pay money. If you need buy more software, then pay money, we will open the authorization for fee.
Best regards
by Suleyman ARZIMAN on Oct 25, 2013
morning, i have sent the money to your paypal account,please tell me if your get it, i want bmw software, please open it for me, do i need to give you other information? like serial number or something else?
Replied by Ada on Oct 25, 2013
Hello Suleyman,
I use your email address to check our paypal account, we have get your payment. Please send your serial number to We will ask carcare company to open the authorization for you. When it is done, i will tell you. Usually need 2 working day.
Best regards
by regis cluzeau on Oct 24, 2013
hello, my brother ask me where to change the language, he does not know english, he want to change it to french. as this one need register, but where to find the serial number, password and dealer code? can you provide them?
Replied by Ada on Oct 24, 2013
Hello Regis,
When you start the device, choose settings, then you can set the language and find all the information you need for register.
Best regards
by Mr.Baker on Oct 24, 2013
i want to know if you sell the software package? i am interested in this c68, but as you list, one model software price is 45usd, i want to buy many euro models, then it is a big cost for me, do you sell the software package, just like the launch idiag software? i think most will like this way. buy the software package at a lower price.
Replied #1. by Ada on Oct 24, 2013
Hello Baker,
This software is sold individually, do not have software package. You need to buy one by one. We will advice this for factory, maybe in the future, they will sell the software by package.
Best regards
Replied #2. by Ada on Oct 28, 2013
Hello Baker,
Now software package comes out. You can choose the software you want. I have add the car model list and price on our website, please check.
Best regards
by Gloria James on Oct 23, 2013
hello, this one has many languages, what language do you have? or do you have the list? all the function is multi language or just some function is?
Replied by Ada on Oct 24, 2013
Hello Gloria,
This one is multi-language. For most function, it is multi-language, only for some special function, it is not. You will see the detailed function when you use it.
Best regards
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