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New Super V-a-g 3.0 ISCANCAR V-A-G KM IMMO OBD2 Code Scanner English Version

New Super V-a-g 3.0 ISCANCAR V-A-G KM IMMO OBD2 Code Scanner English Version

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2014 New IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner is a handheld diagnostic scanner for almost all VW Audi with protocol KWP1281 (K-line), KWP2000 (K-line) and KWP6000 (CAN). Basic function including diagnose almost all control modules, maintain dashboard mileage, read immobilizer code and match key.

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by Mr.daro on Jun 16, 2017
Hello I am interested in buying iscancar 3.0.Please tell me if it is programming keys in vag 2008+ edc 17? How is it in which cars and vintage?
Replied by Eason on Jun 16, 2017
The iscancar 3.0 has been discontinued, you can choose this tool,it can support.

by Mr.josh on Feb 21, 2017
can anybody tell me if this sup NEC35xx or is it on the new software
Replied by Eason on Feb 21, 2017
Yes,it can change KM for NEC35xx type.
by Mr.DAVID NICHOLSON on Apr 29, 2016
Hi is there new update ?


by Mr.david nicholson on Jan 12, 2016
where can we get update files from ?
there is ne wupdate for this unit


Replied by Ada on Jan 12, 2016
Hello David,
For now, latest software is
Software: V3.0
Firmware: V1.2.2 (2015-05-05)
This one is updated on 5th may 2015. If your version is this, then no need update. If your version is not this, please use the update tool we put on our website, and follow our video to update your tool. When new software release in the future, we will put this news on our website, then you can contact us for update.
Best regards
by Mr.boyce singh on Aug 7, 2015
good day can you please assist me with the latest update on my super vag 3.0 iscancar
Replied by Ada on Aug 7, 2015
Hello Boyce,
1) Your scanner is bought from our website? If yes, please give me your order number. Because our scanner is the genuine ISCANCAR made. It can use the update tool to update. If your scanner is not the original, we cannot sure.
2) Here is the update tool:
Here is the update video:
Best regards
by JEAN LUC MATHEY on Nov 2, 2014
i find my immo system has some problem, can i use this scanner to diagnose? my car is Audi TT 3.21 Procaterol Car
Replied by Ada on Nov 2, 2014
Hello Jean,
Your car is on the supported list, but we do not test this function on your car. You can try it.
Best regards
by Jimmy Cardozo on Sep 22, 2014
hi sir
i want the user manuel for matching key for New Super Vag 3.0 ISCANCAR VAG KM IMMO OBD2 Code Scanner English Version
Replied by Ada on Sep 22, 2014
Hello Jimmy,
sorry to tell you that we do not have the detailed user manual. When you do key programming function, just choose the function and the car model on the list. Then follow the prompt of the menu to do.
Best regards
by matej miklavcic on Sep 18, 2014
i need a tool to test 2011 vw golf 6, Super Vag 3.0 ISCANCAR is a good choice?
Replied by Ada on Sep 18, 2014
Hello Matej,
Your car is in the supported range. Or you can choose VVDI or SVDI, this two is better than ISCANCAR for your car
Best regards
by manuel antunez on Jul 24, 2014
hello, i bought this vag scanner from you two month ago, now it still works perfect, i want to know when will you release the new software, and how do i update it?
Replied by Ada on Jul 24, 2014
Hello Manuel,
Happy to get your news. New software will be release on August or september. We release the update video on our website, you can follow our video to use UPDATE TOOL to update the tool.
Best regards
by Michael Weirauch on Jul 18, 2014
this iscancar code reader is more POWERFUL than Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0, is it right? does it support UDS protocol?
Replied by Ada on Jul 18, 2014
Hello Michael,
Yes. This Iscancar is the updated version for super vag k+can v2.0. It support UDS protocol.
Best regards
by mariana salas castillo on Jul 10, 2014
i am on a bit of a hurry, I have customers cars waiting to diagnose, if i pay my order today, can i get the goods on this week, to spain?
Replied by Ada on Jul 10, 2014
Hello Mariana,
We can use the fastest DHL to send it to you today if you pay your order today on this morning, we will make the delivery today, today is friday, you will get the goods on sunday afternoon or next monday morning.
Best regards
by paul on Jun 27, 2014
can i use super vag 3.0 to prepare and make dealer key for golf 5(after 2006), golf 6....??
Replied by Ada on Jun 27, 2014
Hello Paul,
Your car is in the supported range. But we do not test this two function on this car model. So cannot sure 100%. You can try it.
Best regards
by Monte Suggs on Jun 27, 2014
do you have any cheaper tool for 2006 Audi A8 programming and fault code reading?
Replied by Ada on Jun 27, 2014
Hello Monte,
For this two function, you can use VAS 5054A, this one is good at programming online. But it needs you install the software on laptop. Not like this super vag 3.0 work alone, no need laptop. For simple code reading, or you can choose vagcom.
Best regards
by francois monti on Jun 10, 2014
both mileage for ECU and dashboard i want to change, iscanner new version can do that?mainly use it for 2000-2008 Audi A4
Replied by Ada on Jun 10, 2014
Hello Francois,
For mileage correct function, this one is mainly used for cars after 2007. Programming the mileage of dashboard.
Best regards
by Παναγιώτης Λάμψας on May 18, 2014
i want to program the odometer of ecu and DSG for vehicles Golf 6, Tiguan, Polo 6R, super vag is possible to do that?
Replied by Ada on May 18, 2014
Hello Παναγιώτης,
This vag km immo only can program the odomoter for dashboard (instrument cluster), cannot program the odometer for other systems.
Best regards
by Mr.Kenneth Menear on Apr 2, 2014
will this work on uk cars?
Replied by Ada on Apr 2, 2014
Hello Kenneth,
Up to now, we do not find the Geographical restrictions. It can be used by our UK customers, french and most european customers.
Best regards
by Mr.jerome chiron on Mar 30, 2014
do you have any tools work on America 2013 Volkswagen Jetta? this will do?
Replied by Ada on Mar 30, 2014
Hello Jerome,
If your car belongs to nec24c64 protocol, then you can try item number: SV32
Best regards
by mustapha diallo on Mar 11, 2014
can i use this iscancar code reader to read pin code and 7 bytes security components?
Replied by Ada on Mar 11, 2014
Hello Mustapha,
Yes. This function is in the special function. You can enter special function to read the 7 bytes security components. Such as pin code is 4567, which security componets is CS 32DEFE458932FE.
Best regards
by Mr.nick koutsounakis on Mar 9, 2014
please if you have operation manual for this tool please send me
thank you
Replied by Ada on Mar 10, 2014
Hello Nick,
Sorry to tell you that this one does not have user manual. Connect this tool with your car, 16 pin adapter. After you start this device, you will see the menu, then click the function you want, then choose the car model, then click the information you want to know.
Best regards
by simon on Jan 29, 2014
do you test the mileage programming function? i want to know if this function is good at audi or not? this one function is better than vag 4.6 or super vag 2.0? i bought vag 4.6, this one diagnose function is good, but it is not good at change the mileage for audi, i want to do diagnose and mileage function too.
Replied by Ada on Feb 7, 2014
Hello Simon,
Thank you for your interesting. This mileage correction is better than vag 4.6 and 2.0. This one this function has updated by factory for audi models.
Best regards
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