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<b>(Flash Sale €203)</b> V2.13 K-TAG KTAG KTM100 FW V7.003 ECU Programming Tool Master Support one button click to charge token

(Flash Sale €203) V2.13 K-TAG KTAG KTM100 FW V7.003 ECU Programming Tool Master Support one button click to charge token

Latest price:349.00
203.0042% off
  • Item No. SE80-D
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1) Best quality with KTM100 Software V2.13 and Firmware V7.003.
2) Software is much easier to use and very stable
3) Recognize ECU via ID automatically

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by Mr.vitalis on May 1, 2016
I interesting ktm100(ktag). Can you write on invoice "Car IR infrared Remote Key Frequency Tester (frequency range 100-1000MHZ)"
Item No. SK149

and price only 30 eu.
Replied by Lai libin on May 2, 2016
Hello Vitalis,

Good morning.  Yes, we can.

May i know which country are you in, could you pls also offer me your zip code and city info, so i could offer you best price with shipping cost directly. Tks.

by Mr.Schneider on Apr 21, 2016
No language selection.
When I have installed the KTM-software 2.13, the software works fine with the interface. But I can't select the language. There are no labels of the buttons.....or on the table of the plugins....and no chance to select the language in the drop-down menu.
Where is the problem?
by Mr.DAVID GOMEZ on Apr 10, 2016
I need all in Spanish.
Replied by Lai libin on Apr 11, 2016
Hi David,

Sorry for we dont have Spanish.. Any help, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

B.R Lai
by Mr.DAVID GOMEZ LEON on Apr 2, 2016
by Mr.AGOSTINHO on Mar 26, 2016
Bom dia
adquiri KTM 100 e trabalhei em SID 803A, EDC16, EDC16+, e funcionou perfeita, mas é a segunda EDC17C06 da BMW 318 que não consigo ler, e o software não vem em Português.
Pretendo comprar ICOM DA BMW completa de melhor qualidade e software em Português é possível,qual equipamento me recomendam.

by abraham mensah on Mar 26, 2016
what is the price and discount
Replied by Lai libin on Mar 28, 2016
Hello Abraham,

Thanks for your interest in our product,  we have sent you the quotation to your mail. Pls check.

B.R Lai
by Mr.nicola on Nov 28, 2015
buon giorno
ho gia' comprato da voi , volevo sapere se la modifica dei file li fate voi , e nel caso il costo e poi se con qustro strumento e' possibile variare l 'odometro eliminare fap egr e aumentare potenza .
Replied by Ada on Nov 29, 2015
Hello Nicola,
Grazie per il vostro interesse.
Questa una funzione principale è di leggere i dati dal vostro vecchio ECU e scrivere alla vostra nuova centralina. Non si può cambiare il file ECU. Inoltre, non può cambiare il contachilometri e così via.
Best regards
by Trafico J.Ewert on Nov 5, 2015
nice promotion price!!! much cheaper than before!! i like it , will buy 3 pcs today, please send it to me soon by dhl
Replied by Ada on Nov 5, 2015
Hello Trafico,
OK. No problem, this one has large quantity in stock for november promotion. We will send it to you today.
Best regards
by Mr.david nicholson on Oct 8, 2015
i can confirm this works perfectly with SID208 ecus from fomoco :)

Replied by Ada on Oct 8, 2015
Hello David,
Thank you for your charing and happy to get feedback for you.
Best regards
by Mr.David nicholson on Aug 20, 2015
Ok i understand

It is on the list you provided but i want to know if its enabled or not
As its on my older software but its greyed out
Can you check on your software if its accessable please

Replied by Ada on Aug 20, 2015
Hello David,
Sorry, we cannot do this. Because we do not have this ECU at hand. To check it will be greyed or not, we need to connect this ECU to KTM100 to read, if it can read then it will be lighted on, if it cannot read, then it will be greyed out.
Best regards
by Mr.david nicholson on Aug 19, 2015
ok if you cannot test
can you check and post screenshot of ford sid 208 in the software list to show its available and not greyed out and unavailable please

thanks you

Replied by Ada on Aug 19, 2015
Hello David,
I ask our engineer to check, he say if this ECU is not on the list, then it does not support. It cannot work on your ECU.
Best regards
by Mr.David nicholson on Aug 18, 2015
Thats strange my friend has orig ktag on this version and sid208 is enabled ?!?!
Are you just changing software numbers !!
And not actually updating firmware etc !!
Replied by Ada on Aug 18, 2015
Hello David,
This car list is provided by factory, we do not test this ford sid208 2014 version by ourself, also do not get feedback from our customer can do this or not. For unsure result, my question is no. because if i tell you if can do, you can not do this ECU when you get, you will think i cheat you. I do not want to cheat you because we really do not test it. We do not have so many ECUs to test one by one. We also sell K-TAG V6.070 firmware, if you want to make sure, you can compare them. From our compare test, this new V7.003 version new add many ECUs. But this one is still a copy version. If you need to realize 100% function like original, this one cannot.
Best regards
by Mr.David nicholson on Aug 18, 2015
I have ktag from you from less that 1 year ago
I tried to do ford 2014 sid 208
But software ims greyed out
Can you confirm this is not greyed out in this new version ?

Replied by Ada on Aug 18, 2015
Hello David,
This is the car list:, this is the supported 208 modules: I am afraid this one does not support too.

Best regards
by Natalya Fidelman on Jul 27, 2015
i am a returning customer for this website, this is the second time for me to buy this ktm 100 scanner, perfect as usual
Replied by Ada on Jul 27, 2015
Hello Natalya,
Thank you for your support for our website. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Shane Armstrong on Jul 27, 2015
today at 12:00 arrive the package, all great, now we wait the second package to arrive, best regards
Replied by Ada on Jul 27, 2015
Hello Shane,
Happy to hear you get the parcel now. Second parcel is on the way to you, please pay attention to sign for acceptance.
Best regards
by jorge aurelio parra allen on Jul 22, 2015
do you have the ktm100 software download link, i want to check the software first
Replied by Ada on Jul 22, 2015
Hello Jorge,
Here is the KTM100 2.13 software download link:
Best regards
by José Argain on Jul 16, 2015
ktm parcel is arrived today, many thanks

I will test it the next days

Best regards
Replied by Ada on Jul 16, 2015
Hello Jose,
OK. No problem. Please test it, any needs, please contact us in time.
Best regards
by Roh eacutee on Jul 6, 2015
do you ever test this software on win8?
Replied by Ada on Jul 6, 2015
Hello Roh,
Thank you for your interesting. This software can be installed on most XP, WIN7 and WIN8 system.
Best regards
by Mr.Ali Altin on Jul 4, 2015
ich würde gerne dieses produkt kaufen wollte nur wissen ob in deutsche sprache geht?
welche fahrzeuge kann ich machen auto, motorrad,lkw,tractor??
Replied by Ada on Jul 5, 2015
Hallo Ali,
Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse. Für Deutsch. Wir können es zu Ihnen Englisch Datei, Sie zu übersetzen, übersetzen wir Ihre Datei zu senden, um Fabrik, können Sie die Software-Fabrik auf der Grundlage Ihrer Umsetzungsdatei machen. Diese K-TAG auf PKW, LKW und so weiter zu arbeiten. Hier ist die detaillierte Liste Auto:
Best regards
by Dominik Gladbach on Jul 3, 2015
my question is can i install this new ktm100 software on the same pc as the kuite 2.13 software bought from you one month ago?
Replied by Ada on Jul 3, 2015
Hello Dominik,
Please install this two software on different PC.
Best regards
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