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Original Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master No Token Limitation with CAS4+

Original Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master No Token Limitation with CAS4+

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  • Item No. SP78

Digimaster 3 also is called Digimaster III or shortly D3 is new developed odometer correction master.
1. It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc.
2. CAS4+ CPU 1N35H read and write function for BMW
3. Newest Version:V1.8.1707.21

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by Lars Lorentson on Apr 27, 2015
i need to change the odometer for audi a3 2003-2006, including dashboard and ecu.
Replied by Ada on Apr 27, 2015
Hello Lars,
Yes. You can use this digimaster 3 do.
Best regards
by alan kirkbride on Apr 19, 2015
where can i download driver for digimaster for update?
Replied by Ada on Apr 19, 2015
Hello Alan,
No need driver. You can directly update the tool by the main unit.
Best regards
by Gonzalo Gomez on Mar 5, 2015
hello, i bought 2 pcs digimaster from your site, one from last year, about august, one last week, i need to add the latest CAS4+ CPU 1N35H reading and writing function, how do i do?
Replied by Ada on Mar 5, 2015
Hello Gonzalo,
For your latest digimaster 3, it opens CAS 4 authorization, you just need directly update it, then you will get this function. For your old digimaster 3, it has two opetions: 1) If you charge 200 tokens, we will free to open this authorization for you. 2) Or you can use 100 tokens to open this authorization on the machine.
Best regards
by V Galkin on Jan 4, 2015
digimaster iii support ecu programming for opel?
Replied by Ada on Jan 4, 2015
Hello V,
What do you want to program? Mileage? Engine or others, please tell me more.
Best regards
by leson audio on Dec 28, 2014
do you have good tool to recommend to change the mileage for bmw x6 3.5 2008??
Replied by Ada on Dec 28, 2014
Hello Leson,
Best tool for BMW and Benz is digimaster 3.
Best regards
by gerald clifford on Dec 15, 2014
hello obd2 team,
my digimaster 3 is bought on last year, now i want to open cas4 too, is it ok? do you have the link for this?
Replied by Ada on Dec 15, 2014
Hello Gerald,
Yes. You can choose Item number SK125-S, SK125-S1 or SK125-S2.
Best regards
by boubkeur laidani on Nov 18, 2014
that tool are quality is better than other supplier from your part of world , will buy more from your store later
Replied by Ada on Nov 18, 2014
Hello Boubkeur,
Thank you for your support and happy to hear you are satisfied with our tools. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Jaroslav Kuba on Oct 8, 2014
well packed and work in good condition, send the id and password very fast, i test it on Kia Sportage 2013 and DODGE RAM 2003, works perfectly!!  
Replied by Ada on Oct 8, 2014
Hello Jaroslav,
Thank you for your sharing. If you like, you can sharge more car models you tested on our website to give the referance for other customers, thank you so much.
Best regards
by samba marega on Sep 6, 2014
amazing delivery speed, parcel is welled packed, program speed odometer via OBD port fastly without any problem, i will tryto soder the chips for old cars in the coming days, will tell you result later
Replied by Ada on Sep 6, 2014
Hello Samba,
Happy to hear you can use it smoothly, any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Vitalie Cojocari on Sep 3, 2014
Tools arrived quickly and top quality ,many thanks again.
Replied by Ada on Sep 3, 2014
Hello Vitalie,
Very happy to hear you are satified with our product. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
by Mr.Borislav Misic on Jul 21, 2014
may i use digimaster 3 reprogram the mileage for my bmw via ews? or do you have other goods tool to recommend?
Replied by Ada on Jul 21, 2014
Hello Brsislav,
Yes. Digimaster 3 support changing mileage via EWS.
Best regards
by Mr.Ralf Schumacher on Mar 19, 2014
i see the video you share on youtube,you choose obd port to change the odo on the video, so for every model use that way? someone tell me this one needs desolder the chip, where to find the chip??? do not see it on the video
Replied by Ada on Mar 19, 2014
Hello Falf,
No. For most cars after 2008, it use the OBD port to change the mileage, no need to demolition chip, you can directly choose via OBD port to read and write the mileage. For most cars before 2008, it belongs to old cars, need to remove the chip from the car. For these car model, you need to choose the car list, then find your car model from the car list to find your car, then you will get the chip and cable prompt, find the chip from your dashboard, and use the cable to connect the chip with your digimaster 3. Then read and write the mileage, like this manual:
Here is the car list for your referance:
On the car list, it will show you the car model and year, work on OBD port or chip, which chip you need to find and use which cable to connect digimaster 3. Please use the digimaster 3 in right way.
Best regards
by Mr.carlos on Jan 5, 2014
hello, the token, which is the number of times you can use the machine until it locks
Replied by Ada on Jan 5, 2014
Hello Mr. Carlos,
For this one, ordinary tokens are unlimited, special tokens has 200. For SP78-B digimaster 3, ordinary and special tokens has 980 in total. For car models, some do not need token at all, some need ordinary token, some needs special tokens. For car models do not need tokens, you can use this two kind of digimaster 3 to work on these cars all the time. For cars need ordinary tokens, you can use SP78 digimaster 3 to wok all the time, for SP78-B, when tokens run out, you need to charge the tokens. for car models needs special tokens, when 200 tokens or 980 tokens run out, you need to charge tokens again for both two kind digimaster 3.
Best regards
by Bruno Grosley on Nov 19, 2013
suprise me, i test it on dodge ram 2003, screen has the simple and explicit instruction to tell me cable i need to use and location of the chip i need to desolder. after prepare everything ready, just follow the prompt to read the old and type the new data. done!!! then use digi master iii to read the new mileage, get the one i want, a magical process
Replied by Ada on Nov 19, 2013
Hello Bruno,
Good news, happy to hear that you can use it to change the mileage successfully.
Best regards
by Mr.Tin on Oct 21, 2013

does DM3 work on Golf 7 for odometer adjustment?

Replied by Ada on Oct 21, 2013
Hello Tin,
Sorry to tell you that digimaster 3 cannot be used on Golf 7 for odometer adjustment up to now.
Best regards

by Mr.avo on Sep 26, 2013
hi,i want to buy digimaster 3 but how i can activate it? what about activation id and password?
Replied by Ada on Sep 26, 2013
Hello Avo, 
For this digimaster 3 with untilimited tokens and 200 special tokens version. Before we will register this digimaster 3 ready before we send it to you. When you get it, you can directly to use it. No need activation or others.
Best regards
by Mr.John on Jul 3, 2013
I want to correct the mileage on a fireblade 2012 model, nothing on this site tells me I can do this? where can I buy the kit from to do bikes.

Replied by Ada on Jul 3, 2013
Hello John,
Attached is the vehicle list for this digimaster 3. Digimaster 3 can change the mileage for cars and motocycles. I find your model on the list, you can try to use this one to change the mileage. But i am afriad you need to desolder the chip.
Best regards
by Mr.adrian fong on Dec 12, 2012
there are two question i need to know:

1) SP78-B and this one are both digimaster, why there is such a big difference on the price?

2) your digimaster 3 is original or copy?
Replied by ada on Dec 12, 2012
Dear adrian,
1) This digimaster 3 has all the tokens. If you choose this digimaster 3, you do not need to buy tokens when you use. While tokens of SP78-B is limited, it only has 1180 Tokens. Once the tokens runs out, you need to buy tokens.
2) Our digimaster 3 are all original.
Best regards
by Mr.mario garner on Nov 19, 2012
as digiprog 3 and digimaster 3 both can change the mileage of bmw, i want to know which one is more professional for bmw?
Replied by ada on Nov 19, 2012
Dear mario,
If you want to change the mileage for bmw, then digimaster 3 is better. Customer who want buy digimaster 3 please do have basic knowleage about chip desoldering. Any problem, you can feel free to contact us.
Best regards
by Mr.kyle gibney on Nov 12, 2012
very nice tool. no need user name or password or something else. i can use it directly. i test it on vw, bmw models, it works so well. it is a good assistant for me.
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