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Audi A3 Error Code clear via IM608/IM600 is OK!

Confirmed!Auro IM600 or Autel Maxiim IM608 Can clear Audi A3 error code via OBD, with one-key clear, Only takes 2 minutes

Audi A3 Car Error Code Removal with MAXIIM IM608/Auro IM600:

First, connect Autel IM608 to the vehicle, enter menu select Diagnostic  function then select “AUDI


Accept their disclaimer, then diagnostic program loading, wait a moment …


Automatic selection: Device can read automatic VIN number by
OBD after that device will select the car’s system.
Manual selection: If u know car mark, Model and years information u can use this option
System selection: If u know car system, u can select directly car system than
you can read all DTC code
Note: The first automatic selection should be preferred.

Here select “Automatic selection” to read VIN


Read the vehicle info:

Vehicle type: Audi A3 2013>

Vehicle yeas:2015(F)

Then press “YES” to continue

Note: Sometimes it may be necessary to choose according to the vehicle feature.
Select“Saloon, 4-door”

Select“CLHA 1.61 TDI/77KW”


Note:The initial word of the vehicle engine number, the other parts is motor
indicates information.

Diagnosis –automatic selection by can see the all error codes with scan



Select”Auto scan

then communication status..Wait a moment

Error and Number Errors as below:


After the code is read out, press “Quick eraser” to clear,only 1 minute


after the code error clean,press”ESC” to exit and back to the diagnotic menu interface

Done! Audi A3 2015(F) Error Code clear via IM608/IM600 is OK!