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Technical Service: Car Key Programmer

How to use Mini ACDP for 2010-2018 Porsche BCM NEW

Tested successfully! Yanhua Mini ACDP is able to make new keys to Porsche 2010-2018.
Tool: Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 10
Time: around 8 minutes

Super SBB2 Car Key Programmer Reviews NEW

Part 1: SUPER SBB2 Mileage Correction Feedback
Part 2: SUPER SBB2 KEY Pro IMMO & Remote

How to OBD read BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 with CGDI Prog NEW

1.How to OBD read BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 with CGDI Prog BMW key programmer:
2.CGDI Tested On BMW M3
3.How To solve CGDI BMW "21E1 FEM BDC version does not support "
4.Tutorial:How to register CGDI ICOM function?
5.CGDI Update info

How To Use R270 to read/write BMW CAS EWS 9S12 NEW

R270 BDM programmer manual: How to use read/write BMW CAS/EWS 9S12family.

How To Use OBDSTAR F104? NEW

Here is some FAQ about OBDSTAR F104 Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Pin Code Reader Odometer Key programmer

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Technical Services NEW

How to proramer Toyota H Chip Remote Key step guide.

AURO Otosys IM100 User manual

Part 1.IMMO Functions: OtoSys IM100 + UP400 = OtoSys IM600

Part 2.How to Update Auro OtoSys IM100 & IM600 software?

Yanhua BMW Mini ACDP FAQ

1.How to connect ACDP Device
2.How to import acdp date form iphone to PC?
3.How to register a technician account?
4.How to bound the phone to ACDP?
5.Bluetooth and WIFI requirements and precautions
6.Cell phone system configuration requirements
7.How to use Mini ACDP to OBD read & write BMW CAS4 / CAS4+

ACDP User Manual NO Soldering & Wiring

Here are notes shared by real professionals working for our tech engineer. 3 features of Yanhua ACDP Mini are highlighted for BMW CAS and FEM/BDC programming, esp. for newbies.

CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer User Manual

Here is how to do BMW E91 dashboard and CAS Odometer Correction tutorial:


OBDSTAR OBDPROG Key RT KeyRT Key Renew Tool supports PCF7341, PCF7345, PCF7941, PCF7945, PCF7952, PCF7953, PCF7961

How To change E/F/G series Mileage With BMW Explorer NEW

Here’s the step-by-step guide to change E/F/G series mileages with BMW Explorer,generally used in most cases.

How To Use SKP1000 Key Programmer NEW

Here is the step -by -step procedure to update SKP1000 Key Programmer Firmware online.
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