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DS17 software download and how to install

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DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader ECU programmer

DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader ECU programmer   Item No. SP212

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DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader is an updated version for BDM100, it takes direct access on processor and EPROM memory of the ECU over a dedicated port like the BDM system.


DS17 software download and how to install


Where to download DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader software for free? How to install DS17 software? And how to read and write ECU by DS17? OBDEXPRESS offers all you need for DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader- the updated version of BDM10, to direct access on processor and EPROM memory of the ECU over a dedicated port like the BDM system.

Operation system requirement:
Windows XP

Download DS17 infineon tricore boot reader software:

How to install DS17 software and read write ECU
-Video guide:!14kkmBwT!YpYAFMJTqfKIHLGNZg5m0ztRmf-nRoJ59i7lovLOVMw

-Step-by-step instruction
Step 1 Install software setup
Open software CD, to go to folder DS17
Open and install “DS17 Bsi-To-Go Setup
Setup software language (English, Deutsch), click OK
Click Next to install Bsi-To-Go Setup wizard
install-DS17-Infineon-Tricore-Boot-Reader-software (1)
Accept license agreement
Click Next
Click Next
Click Next
Click Next to create desktop shortcut
Click Install
Completing the Bsi-To-Go Setup
Tick on “Launch Bsi-To-Go” and click Finish
install-DS17-Infineon-Tricore-Boot-Reader-software (2)
If the system pops up Bsi-To-Go 1.14.00 windows, cancel it.

Step 2 Install driver
Connect the DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader interface with computer via USB cable
Found the new hardware wizard: click “Install ...(Advanced)”, then click Next
Tick on “Include the location in the search” and click Browse and save file IN C:\Program Files\ EVC\BsiToGo\driver
Click Next to go on
Click Next
Prompt: Cannot Start this Hardware, click Finish
Go to My Computer->Manager->Device Manager->Universal Serial Bus controller->BSL 100
BSL100 status is disabled, click BSL100
Reflash the windows until the BSL100 device can be detected

Step 3 Read/Write ECU
Open Bsi-To-Go software on Desktop
Select Read an ECU, and click Next
install-DS17-Infineon-Tricore-Boot-Reader-software (3)
Choose ECU type, and click Next
install-DS17-Infineon-Tricore-Boot-Reader-software (4)
Back to Bsi-To-Go 1.14.00 menu, select Show this dialog in English
Follow the system prompts to operate

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