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Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner tests reports on BMW models

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Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner with One Car Brand Software+OBD with 18 month free update online

Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner with One Car Brand Software+OBD with 18 month free update online   Item No. SC283

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Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner with One Car Brand Software+OBD
18 months software free upgrade,one year quality guarantee.
Can actuate componetents, run system tests, program control modules.
Allow you to access the most commonly required service features such as oil service light reset, throttle body adjustment, DPF regeneration and much more.


Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner tests reports on BMW models


Part 1:Foxwell NT510 test result
Part 2 :why recommend Foxwell NT510 for BMW car?(customer feedback)

*Part 1
Foxwell NT510 is the most cost-effective professional scan tool for enthusiasts, small garages, independent repairs, specialized garages and technicians by delivering OE-level diagnosis on all the electronic systems. It does not only include basic functions such as codes and live data, but also is capable of advanced functions such as actuation, adaptation and programming. In addition, it lets you to access the most commonly required service features such as oil service light reset, throttle body adjustment, DPF regeneration and much more.

Have used Foxwell NT510 for BMW repair job for more than a year. Here is what i did with it, some successful and some not...

Foxwell NT500

1999 540iT

2003 E39 M5

2003 X5 E53 4.6is

well beyond a peak code reader for specific BMW codes on 3 BMWs E39 M5(2003), X5 E53 4.6is (2003), and 540iT (1999) ---ok


2000 E39 M5:

communicates via the obd2 plug in the cabin, read TPMS codes ---ok


2003 e46 325xi:

read codes from TCU ---ok


2004 X3:

read and reset airbag service light ---ok

have an intermittent airbag service light on 2004 X3 that BMW service cannot track down as it clears from memory before I can get it in for service


2006 BMW X3:
find 2 misfires because of bad plugs ---ok


2008 BMW E93:

register a new battery ---ok


2009 BMW E82 135:

scan for ghost codes, and any other stored codes ---ok


2009 535i N54 engine:

allow to alignment and calibrate fuel injectors ---ok


2009 BMW z4:
diagnose and find bad HAL sensors stopping the roof from retracting ---ok


2009 bmw 335i (American):

do battery registration ---ok


2010 335i:

code new injectors ---ok


2010 BMW e88:

reprogram of injector values and Engine idol speeds and it can be used on it ---ok


2011 E90 328i LCI model:

re-program the Speed Governor ---ok


2011 335d:

clear the error code for halos with proper resistance; reset "Right/Left Cornering light" warnings caused by after-market halo installation ---ok


E92 M3:
perform a throttle actuator adaptation ---ok


2012 BMW F10:

reset SAS and the Airbag/seatbelt light also can modulate the e-parking brake on F10 to enable a rear brake job with rotor replacement ---ok


BMW F82 M4

provides sensor data from the oil level system ---ok



OBD1 cars will require adapter ES2992111 to perform function, available features will be dependent upon the cars abilities. But not all features are compatible with all models... Sorry for i forgot the make notes of this


Also, i got some failures on this scanner Foxwell  NT510:

2007 BMW z4m roadster:

cannot remove the top rpm limiter on a BMW z4m roadster 2007, performance tuning software is required to remove top speed limiters


2005 BMW x5 4.4i e53:

can't retract the calipers on a 2005 BMW x5 4.4i e53. The E53 does not have electronically controlled calipers.


O2 sensor reading and clearing:

Can read and reset O2 sensor readiness codes but will not code them off.


In short, i have to say, this NT510 scanner definitely gonna happen to repairing work. Easy to use, only to follow the screen instruction; even if green hands use without issues. Helps me a lotttttttttt


Part 2:Which diagnostic tool is best on 2000 BMW E53 2002 E46s for home?

Too many diagnostic tool to choose,today ,OBDexpress recommends a scanner could  best work on 2000 BMW E53 2002 E46s

Item name:Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner

Car make and year:

2000 BMW E53 and 2002 E46s


On the 2000 E53, I'd like to be able to read all modules (with normal resets, etc. possible) for any year up to around 2005. I don't mind if it's a dedicated hardware unit or software

To reset the Oil and Inspection (IC module) on the E46s.


Peake tool

Carsoft software

Carly kit


Foxwell NT510 scanner


  1. Test results (with Fail):

1). Peake tool works fine with my 2000 E53 and our 2002 E46s, but is limited to DME diagnosis and isn't exactly user-friendly.

2). Carsoft software will read pretty much all modules on the 2000 E53 via the BMW-proprietary "DLC" socket under the bonnet, except for the DME & EGS which need to be read from the ODB2 socket inside. On the 2002 E46s which just have ODB2 it will just read DME, and I have to use my Peake tool on these to reset the Oil and Inspection (IC module) on the E46s!

3). I also got the "VAG KKL USB OBD cable with FTDI FT232RL Chip" cable today per, but that was even less successful. The PC just blue screens when trying to install the 2.10.00 driver as directed in the instructions in the link. I'm not having much luck at this...

4). Carly kit: I tested with the Lite software. Varied results, not helped by the fact that it's not partiuclarly intuitive and/or I'm not that bright!

2000 E53 X5 4.4i via ODB port: 2/24 modules "answered"

2002 E46 330Ci vai ODB port: 17/30 modules "answered"

I wasn't able to fathom which of the modules "answered" becuase it just seems to show a list on the next screen 2/2, 3/3, 1/1, 5/5.

I can't "buy" Carly yet as I need it to work on my phone and I borrowed my wife's. Mine has USB-C and I haven't got the OTG cable for that yet...

Presumably I'll know more with the full version (it's a shame Carly don't really let you see what you're going to be able to do before you buy), and it seems worth

having for the E46 at l least, though probably not with my E53!

5). BMW inpa: I manged to get my USB-FTDI serial drivers issue sorted and now I can "see" the car in INPA. Not that that helps me a great deal as it's *so* complicated I have no idea how to make it do anything except read a few codes!

  1. Test ok with Foxwell NT510 scanner:

Another up and coming stand alone tool that is looking very promising is the Foxwell NT510 BMW/Mini scan tool.

One nice feature of Foxwell NT510 is it appears to support straight up OBDII (covering most, if not all of the common OBDII protocols) with the addition of BMW specific/proprietary code reading and BMW specific service related features.

I received one Foxwell NT510 for evaluation and had spent several hours with it so far and I am liking what I am seeing so far.

Played around on my BMW E70 for a bit, covers ABS, Airbag, Electronic Parking Brake, some EWS/CAS, Active Suspension, Service Resets for $200.

Foxwell NT510 can be updated to include VW/Audi/VAG, Mercedes and some other manufacturers for approximately $70 for model line. These updates are manufacturer specific.

My e70 I have codes all sorts of convenience features for things like door locks, windows, tailgate and lighting.

  1. OBDFusion:

I also suggest OBDFusion as this App does a very good job with standard OBDII Logging and all you need to do is keep and interface in the car and you will always have at least an OBDII tool at hand when out on the road.

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