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How TCU Flashing with INPA for BMW E85 (Z4)

Here are some tips of how to flash TCU of BMW E85 (Z4) using BMW INPA software with a HQ K+DCAN cable or BMW ICOM A2 emulator (clone ok).
Car: Z4 3.0I with the ZF 6HP19 transmission
Purpose:want to test different TCU calibration files on my E85 (Z4)
All should be done via a K+DCAN usb cable running working INPA software
Which SGBD does the GKE211 use? 
For Inpa, its the GS19D.prg
Winfkp uses 10flash.prg
Here is a quick and dirty INPA script I wrote for you all for reference:

It sets the protocol to KWP2000 over K-Line and executes the IDENT job.
If it's unable to use KWP over K-Line, it will display a large red box indicating so.
There are a few ways to execute a custom INPA script.

For quick and dirty testing, the CLI is probably easiest. c:\ec-apps\inpa\bin\inpaload <path to IPO file>:
c:\ec-apps\inpa\bin\inpaload c:\users\rjahl\downloads\gke211kwp_808.ipo
If you want to add the script to the E85 menu, copy the GKE211KWP_808.IPO file to the SGDAT folder and then edit the E85.ENG file in the CFGDAT folder.

In the [ROOT_GETRIEBE] section of the E85.ENG file, add two lines similar to the following:
ENTRY=    GS19,Gearbox / Automatic GS19,
ENTRY=   gsds2,GS 8.xx / GS 20,
ENTRY=    gs30,Sequential Gearbox SSG,ENTRY=,,
ENTRY=    GKE211KWP_808,GS19D Ancillary Diagnostics,

Alternatively, you could add a shortcut to the Windows desktop which runs INPALOAD.EXE and calls the custom script.
OK, done and working.