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How To Add Key Data To SEC-E9 Key Machine

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Here is the steps instruction on how to add key data to SEC-E9 CNC automatic key cutting machine.and share some note.why you got a Not-accurate key copied out?
Start here :
Power on the SEC-E9 key cutter
Click “my key information” button at left bottom on the home page to go to next page.
Please click “create new” button at right bottom on screen.
Please pay attention to alerts, and please click “OK” button if you are familiar with details of key
Click input field at upper right, then click the right keyboard button

Input new needed manufacturers of keys, locks or cars, then click “OK” button
please click “Add” button to add manufacturer name to left list
Input new needed models of keys, locks or cars
add-key-data-to-sec-e9-5click “Add” button to add input model to list
Select model you added, then click Next bottom
Then input model production year (Year from and Year to)
Click “Add new” button
Select the new option and click “select card” button
Input key information according step by step
Then select Create & Select button
Then go to next page, you will see a data ID number in list
Click “Add” button, and it means you finish adding data.
Click “View information” button to view input data.
Back to SEC-E9 key cutting machine home page and enter “my key information” page, and you will find the added manufacturer and model


You can start to cut keys if the data is correct.
Why You Got A Not-accurate Key Copied Out? will tell you reason why your key cutting is not accurate and the correct operation method to cut a key accurate.


1. You didn't do calibration before starting to cut a key.


A. After you receive new machine or the machine has been used for a period of time, please re-calibrate the machine in order to ensure the cutting accuracy. Usually once a month but it’s up to the frequency you use your machine.

B. Once you reset the distance between the decoder and cutter, all the clamps should be re-calibrated.

C. If you have replaced the main board or upgraded the firmware, please do  all the calibration procedures

D. Be sure to clean the clamps, keep it free of metal shavings.


Calibration Method:

Please use the original decoder, cutter and calibration block and follow the calibration steps as below video:

2. Decoder and cutter related issues

Main Reasons:

A. non-original decoder and cutter

B. Decoder and cutter used too long time and didn't replace them regularly.



A. The original decoder and cutter is critical to life of the E9 Key Cutting Machine and key cutting accuracy. Please use the original decoder and cutter, we will not responsible to any problems caused by user who uses a non-original decoder and cutter.

B. When the cutter is blunt or cut a key with burr, please replace a new cutter promptly, and don't use it any more, in case of fracture or personnel injury.


3. Wrong selection of sensing key location during cutting process


Do calibration with correct calibration method, adjust the correct cutting speed, and select the corresponding sensing key location to cut a key.Below is the different sensing key locations for different keys to cut:


4. Wrong position of key/blanks placed


A. flat milling key placed on the upper layer.

B. laser keys placed on the lower layer.

C. the key should be placed smoothly, tighten the clamp


5. "Rounding" choice


When you copy a key but the original key has been used a long time and gets a lot of wear and tear, in this case you should cancel the choice of "round" when you decoding the original key, then cut a new key.


6. Wrong selection of clamps



Please refer to below appropriate choice of clamps for different key cutting.

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