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How to install Ford IDS v108

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2018 Ford IDS V108.01 Software for All Ford VCM,VCM2, VXDIAG Ford

2018 Ford IDS V108.01 Software for All Ford VCM,VCM2, VXDIAG Ford   Item No. SP177-S3

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Ford IDS V108.01 Software for All Ford VCM,VCM2,VXDIAG
1. Support Online Programming.
2. Supports Multi-languages.
3. Supports All Windows System.
4. Update to 2018.


How to install Ford IDS v108


VCM 2 Ford IDS v108 software Windows 7 install:
Attention please!
Please backup the important files on the Desktop and the disk C:, because the following operation will cover the content in the disk C:
If your computer hard disk only has on partition, please prepare a 16GB U flash drive
If you has 2 partitions, please unzip the software of CD intro any other partition except the disk C:
The install tutorial is used for IDS 108 software here:
If you think it hard to install IDS yourself, go for a IDS 108 within an internal hard drive. It’s the easiest way to have IDS 108. Just insert the disk into your PC, then you can use it directly.
That is, you have two options to own IDS 108.01.
Cheapest option: 29.99 usd
Easiest option: IDS with an internal hard drive
Both tested no issues on Ford vehicles
Diagnostic and module programming: Confirmed!
Works good with VCM2 clone units:

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