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How To Solve Ford IDS 108 module programming selection not available

I bought ids 108 from your portal and will buy IDS V112 soon but i got problem.
when i wanna module programming i got something like i uploaded in this video (

I had error selection not available after entering module programming:



Then I downloaded "Ford Extending Programming.rar file from bellow link:!tZwXiI4T!2zZwqZTKIEegDPK7M_0YceY3bvuHoynu8yGLTUaiK7M

from internet and I have this now.


And it's now like in this video:

when I installed ghost image and when i plugged VCM it didn't find any driver for vcm so i downloaded from internet vcm driver 2~ and its working but maybe its the problem?? do you have driver for this ??


Solution from

Reinstall the IDS driver and its working (for windows 7 home premium some people says yes, some people says no, so it depends on your try.) VX Driver VCMii2.2.0.1510 is good also.

 A new problem arose:

but I got another problem after entering programming abs i got this reading "Module part numbers were found in database but database information is incomplete".



i can't use internet because its making this problem with closing automatically
like in video was.



Disable the internet connection, if the internet connection is disabled and you got no database then it means VCM2 doesn't support your car, your car need to online programming with other device instead of VCM2.(i.e fvdi j2534)

Update 2/14/2019i

I met a new issue, and I asked for help.

Q:It can't work for pcm and abs on my  ford focus 2015,with ids 100 i can do this but with 108 i cant do this,

how to update this database please? do you have VCX driver that you use to vcm device?

A:The v108 can't support pcm and abs on ford focus 2015,but v100 can do it.Or you can try the latest version IDS SP177-S2

For VCX driver, you can download it on

VCX driver