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MPPS V18 Feedback

MPPS V18 clone review from diy users from mpps v18 hardware and software

Part 1- review on MPPS V18 cable:


The cable is a nice quality OBD male cable, it looks like many ones, but it's a true EU Clone MPPS V18 fully open (Tricore, MultiBoot, OBD). Tricore cable adaptor looks like many ones too, but very well made!


The tool is clone, but med17 edc17 are no problem, the tools are a 1:1 of original, original software no cracks or loaders etc


Part 2- review on MPPS software


MPPS V18 success:

Med17.x.x works no problem


med17 edc17 are no problem


its working perfectly. All modules are open including tri-core


For all TC, 1797 included its auto read/write


I have tested on 6F3.
Read/Write all Micro, flash and eeprom via OBD.
Very fast and stable tool.


If can not extract password it is useless.


buy few time ago that MPPS V18 to work on Tricore ECU.
BDM/Tricore frame is soo nice. High grade aluminum, good weight, nice top plate, tight shafts and good probes!


have just manage to read via obd with multiboot function a Bosch ME7.9.10 from Fiat Punto T-JET 1.4 turbo ... This tool is the only one that can read from obd this ecu .....


 MPPS V18 helps me on dif9car like BMW EDC16CP35 and Mecedes edc16.. Audi a3 edc16 locked ecu and so on.. 


MPPS V18 software failed:

it cannot do c64


V18 doesn't support EDC17C64

EDC17C64 TC1797 can be read with MPPS v18, BUT!!! you need password before. MPPS cannot read password from EDC17C64...



MPPS v18 CAR LIST download!840nybSY!feEzxiZBAswuda8F-9tcwnnZxmZeJcRTE2NSTfYevVI

MPPS v18 window 7: