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NCS Expert coding factory setting for bmw ECU

It’s an instruction on how to do factory setting coding for bmw ECUs, with ICOM A2 emulator running with NCS Expert .

Tool preparetion:
 WIFI ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming 

Open NCS, choose Expertmode profile

If you don’t have Expertmode profile, load the profile you are always using then click File->Edit profile->ESW/PSW and uncheck the option in the red box->click OK->click Profile info->check the Profile name to any name you prefer->click OK->click Ok to choose the profile editor->click File->save profile as->give it any name you want, and you have a profilefor loading factory setting to any ECU in the car.


Press F1->F3 and choose your car chassis from the list->press OK->press F6

Press F4->choose the ECU you would like to code with the factory default options of your car->press OK


Press F2->choose “SG_CODIEREN”->press OK

Press F3 to start coding the ECU with the factory setting according to your VO


Mission accomplished.