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Perfect BMW ICOM A2+B+C technical support and problem solution

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Perfect Verison High quality V2017.12 ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW with Software HDD

Perfect Verison High quality V2017.12 ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW with Software HDD   Item No. SP168-BO

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Perfect hardware Version ICOM for BMW. With latest V2017.12 software same as 4S store. Most steady, new adds more functions. Best tool for BMW diagnose and programming. Can be used on Lenovo Dell Laptop.


Perfect BMW ICOM A2+B+C technical support and problem solution


Customer asked questions
Part 1: BMW ICOM power on password
Part 2: Device is configuration error solution
Part 3: BMW ICOM SOFTWARE Fault code: 5/7 error solution
Part 4: BMW ICOM ISTA P does not work. others works normally solution.
Part 5: (IPS fault code V999) error solution
Part 6: ISTA cannot open solution
Customer asked questions:

Q: I'm searching a tool which I can use to reset EWS, DME for E/F series, so I can apply used controll units. I already purchased Icom. Problem is the original bmw-software dont support DME, EWS coding on already used control units. That means I searching for a tool which can change VIN on control units.
A: Our icom can meet your needs. If your car is before 2015, then choose our 2015.1 icom software to do. our software has the engineer version. It can do the coding function, but the matter is you need to know how to use engineer version do it.
this one has the single programming function. It can do coding. For original software, it does not have the single programming function. Original software support full system programming automatically, not single programming.
For original bmw software, if one ECU is broken, then it stops programming, it only support programming when all ECU meet its standard. and canceled many special function.

Part 1:
Q: I tried installing Bmw Icom in the notebook computer "Lenovo", when I turned on the computer with the new hard drive asks me 2 passwords, can you tell me what they are?
In the video for "Youtube" you sent me does not show this. Here is the photo:
bmw icom a2 b c diagnose programming

A: First password is "BMW", second password just ignore, do not need to fill anything.

Part 2:
Q: Today i install the software on my laptop, i meet this prompt "Device is configuration. do not change anything on network. Network changes may cause an inconsistant system and requires a reboot." how to solve it?

bmw icom a2 b c diagnostic programming solution

A: Solution:
1) Change your laptop time to current day. Look at the right buttom of the interface. This time is over 10000. Normally this time should not over 10000.
2) Setup your HDD mode to "AHCI"

bmw icom a2 b c diagnostic programming solution

3) Follow our BMW ICOM software operation video to do.

If still cannot solve, then problem is that your laptop is not compatible with our software hdd. Please change another laptop to use. Or you can buy our laptop, we install the software and test it, then send it to you.

Part 3:
Today we get one email, one customer from other forum meet this problem and ask for help, here is the error he meet:
When use BMW ICOM software, get error as following:
System message:
An error has occurred. The application is closing.
Fault code: 5/7
fault text:
The requested brand is not available.

bmw icom diagnostic tool scanner error solution

Solution: VMware is broken. Open VMware menu, Try to restore a snapshot.

Part 4: 
Q: I now have issue with bmw icom HDD
Ista/p fails to start   (   Won't run..
Ista/d is ok.  Working
Inpa is ok.   Working 
How to fix this
A: After we log in the customer PC via Teamviwer, we fix this problem by this route:
C:\Program Files (x86)\BMW\ISPI\TRIC\ISTA\TesterGUI\bin\Release\ISTAGUI.exe.comfig
change \ISTAGUI.exe.config

change TaurusClient.exe 
After done, Ista/p works normally

bmw icom ista p cannot start error solution

Part 5: When i use BMW ICOM software. Software gives prompt, after i click OK. i test ISTA P, ISTA D and other options, all works normally. This will have influence for usage? Can i remove it?
Data is only stored locally. Thus the process for overlapping cooperation is not available.
Cause: ISPI Process services not available (IPS fault code V999)
Note: The status of ISPI process services can be determined using the function 'IPS Check' in the ISPI Admin Client. 
bmw icom ista d ista p error prompt solution

Answer: For bmw icom after 2015.7. This is the normal prompt. Just click OK and go on to use this software. It has no influence for software functions.

Part 6: I cannot open ISTA after power on the software. It give me message "Please wait while ISTA-D is starting! Don't close ISPI-NEXT Admin Tools when ISTA is Running!" How to do next?

Solution: Restart the system. Then open ISTA again. When you see this message. Do not click OK first. Wait for 1-2 minutes. software will enter ISTA automatically. There is the ista-de option at buttom right cornor. Tick it. It will enter ISTA faster.
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