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Reading And Programming BMW CAS4 Key Via VVDI Prog & VVDI2

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Xhorse VVDI2 Basic Module Plus BMW Functions Completely Replace BMW Multi Tool

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This is VVDI2 Basic module Plus BMW Function, this BMW function only contain BMW OBD2 Authorization, BMW CAS4 Authorization you need buy separately.
VVDI2 Basic+BMW Function completely replace BMW Multi tool, it covers all function that BMW Multi Tool support and it will keep updating online.


2011 BMW 525 CAS4 reading by VVDI prog programmer and key programming by Xhorse VVDI2 commander
Here you go... The most details you need...
Car: BMW 525 2011
Eeprom: CAS4 01L15Y

Tool preparation:Xhorse BMW VVDI2 VVDI prog programmer 

You need have a working bmw cas4 programmer and a good bmw key programmer.
Here: vvdi prog to read cas4 & vvdi2 to program a new key
Step 1 VVDI Prog read BCM
Run VVDI Prog software
Select type: 4-immobilizer, brand: BMW, type: CAS4-1L15Y
/bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (1
Click on Connection Diagram
Connect the MC9S12 adapter to the BCM
/bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (2
/bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (3
Remove the component and solder back after the operation is complete
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (4
Read CAS4 1L15Y
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (5
Operation success!
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (6
Then save the bin file
Step 2 VVDI2 bmw make dealer key
Open VVDI 2 Quick Start
Go to vvdi BMW
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (7
Select Key Learn-> File make key
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (8
Select Type: CAS4 1L15Y
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (9
Load the EEPROM dump file: open the bin file (read by vvdi prog)
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (10
Note the remote frequency, then select Key ID7
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (11
Make dealer key
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (12
Note: preparing dealer key needs about 30 minutes; the windows may be false read. Please wait for the end. Input the new key to the programmer, then continue.
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (13
Write the key successfully!
Go to the car with the key. No need to write back eeprom.
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (14
bmw-cas4-reading-key-programming-by-vvdi2-vvdiprog (15
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