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UPA USB programmer v1.3.0.14 PCB Rework

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2014 UPA USB V1.3.0.14 With Full Adaptors

2014 UPA USB V1.3.0.14 With Full Adaptors   Item No. SE100-B

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UPA USB 2014 is with software V1.3.0.14, and support English Language.


Part 1:solution of how to rework yellow upa usb programmer v1.2 to green upa usb programmer v1.3.0.14

Part 2:How to solve "usb device not recognized"

Part 3:How to use UPA-USB change mileage in Chery QQ (Pinouts attached)

Part 4:UPA USB Reviews:green or red?

Part 1:

It’s old version upa programmer V1.2. This yellow board cannot work with upa usb programmer software v1.3.0.14upa-usb-programmer-yellow

Rework this programmer to version 1.3:

Look at two photos below to rework yourself

upa-usb-v1-3-rework-2 upa-usb-v1-3-rework-1


Then the old upa-usb programmer would works with v1.3 software. But any damage at your rework is not related to OBDexpress. Try on your own risk.


If you’re not experienced to it, it’s a good choice to get a v1.3.0.14 UPA USB programmer full version for less than $100. It will ensure your repair work without issues with UPA 1.3.


This is the working UPA USB programmer v1.3.0.14.




It has been tested to work no issues.

Upa-usb v1.3 read eeprom 93C46

upa-usb-1-3-0-14-upa-usb-programmer-working upa-usb-programmer-v1-3-9 upa-usb-programmer-v1-3-10 upa-usb-programmer-v1-3-11

Part 2: 
Customer puzzle:
Does someone has dump for 24lc128 eeprom v1.3r2? My UUSP upa was working fine, and today it say’s usb device not recognized, I try with dump from v1.2 but working only one time after disconnect and connect again same usb device not recognized.
solution from engineer:
Here is dump from upa version 1.3 – for 24c128!To9VXBYI!l1TpfyO2GWQUUZmP2YqwANvhGEv3HjUQIuQa8Cux8jQ
If the eeprom dump works well at the first time, but after usb V1.3.0.14 programmer disconnects and reconnects again, it shows usb device does not recognize again. You should try one of these two solutions:
1). You should fill eeprom with FF. After connecting  it, it will ask you to update eeprom. You should update and  it will work well.
2). You need to change this N15. N15 is fuse, value about 0R.

Part 3:How to use UPA-USB change mileage in Chery QQ (Pinouts attached)

RED EEPROM ATMEGA 16A UPA OR XPROG or Beprog + .........


EEPROM Contain Simple Checksum !!!!

Part 4:UPA USB Reviews:green or red?
Here, I’ll chip in some words of my experience of UPA USB original and the clone (green & red board):
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