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VCM II Diagnostic tool for Ford technical support

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V97 VCM2 for Ford Diagnostic Tool with WIFI Wireless Card Quality B

V97 VCM2 for Ford Diagnostic Tool with WIFI Wireless Card Quality B   Item No. SP177-C2

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VCM II Diagnostic Tool for Ford with WIFI card can support communicate with your computer by WIFI. Ford VCM II support diagnose and programmer for Ford till 2014 year, it is most powerful professional scan tool for Ford till now.


How to install VCM2 Mazda IDS software on Windows 7

Mazda IDS install tutorial - Customer solution from MH forum:

  1. install Ford IDS-86.01A
    2. After Restar the computer Open Control panel, Opel “add/remove program”, Choose IDS and unistall IDS
    3. After Restart , install Mazda IDS V91
    4. After Restart
    Copy all files from C:\Program\Bosh\VTX-VCI\VCI Software (Ford-VCM-Ⅱ)
    And paste them to C:\Program\Bosh\VTX-VCI\VCI Software (Mazda-VCM-Ⅱ)

Choose replace ALL
Run VCI Software (Mazda-VCM-Ⅱ)
Connect VCM II
When it shows Repair USB, click Repair USB
Choose “try again”,wait
Then it will be ok .


Edit: you don't need to install V86,
you only need to SETUP your VCMII First.
The version of MAZDA IDS you install will install all the files you need .


In short, that is,

Install Ford manager from mega link:!68ZyACoA!u_ECFjR7ov3NTCzCGh8vSya7CyZ_E7xk39EYgM8IbP4

Then copy all files from
C:\Program Files\Bosch\VTX-VCI\VCI Software (Ford-VCM-II)
C:\Program Files\Bosch\VTX-VCI\VCI Software (Mazda-VCM-II)
Replace all files. You need to shut down mazda vcm service in order to kill vci ident from running in task manager. Then you can overwrite the files.



Mazda IDS installation questions & answers:


Q: IDS soft will work on windows 8.1?

A: Yes you need IE11 (32BITS)
4gb ram

i3 or above dual core 1.9 or better
also, only 64bits system NOT 32bit


Q: Can we have both softwares (ford-mazda) in one laptop for same vcm 2?

A: Yes.


Q: All files from C:\Program\Bosh\VTX-VCI\VCI Software from Ford-VCM-Ⅱ) into Mazda?

A: It is working if you copy that files from Ford manager and replace the files from Mazda manager.
If you use the same version for Ford and Mazda IDS or versions that use the same firmware then you will not need to upgrade/downgrade the firmware all the time when you switch between Ford and Mazda IDS
Good luck


Mazda IDS V96 works good with VCM 2 clone on Mazda 6:

VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-1 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-2 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-2 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-3 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-4 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-5 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-6 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-7 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-8 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-9 VCMII-MAZDA-IDS-96-windows-7-install-10

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