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Xhorse VVDI 2 VVDI II key programmer technical support

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Original Xhorse V6.0.0 VVDI2 VVDI II Commander Key Programmer Full Version for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche/PS Get MQB Authorization for free

Original Xhorse V6.0.0 VVDI2 VVDI II Commander Key Programmer Full Version for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche/PS Get MQB Authorization for free   Item No. SV86

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1. VVDI 2 is the updated version for VVDI, new adds more function than VVDI
2. This VVDI2 comes with Basic Function + VW + BMW + Porsche+ AUDI Generation 5 function+BMW OBD Fucntion+BMW CAS4+ functions +Tango + J2534, No Need to buy other Authorization.
3. VVDI2 Covers All the Functions of VVDI, VVDI 5th IMMO Adapter, BMW Multi Tool, CAS Plus, CAS4 Adapter, Tango, J2534


About functions:
Regard VAG, if you want to open the 5th IMMO authorization, you need to open the 4th IMMO first. Because 5th is derivatived from 4th.
xhorse vvdi 2 vvdi ii key programmer

For BMW:
Only BMW OBD is opened. Then you can open CAS4 authorization.

Component security function of VVDI 1, it will be valid after you open the authorization for pin,mac and CS reading authorization. For VVDI 2,you can directly use component security function.  Go to special function. you will find the component security option for A4,A5,A6,A8,Q5,Q7,Allroad. 
Customer asked questions for VVDI 2:

Q: I do have BMW X5 from 2013+ , it's F15 with CAS4+ I guess and 5M48H, it has all keys lost. What equipment I should buy from you to make a new key.
A: 1) For 5M48H, you need to use XPROG or VVDI pro to read the date
     2) Use BMW MULTI TOOL or VVDI 2 do CAS4+, and use the data you read out to generate the key data to match programming and simultaneous car 
For second steps. If you choose BMW MULTI TOOL, you still need to buy the CAS4 adapter. If you choose VVDI2, then no need to buy others.

Q: I want to open component security function. what should i do?
A: For this function. If you want to use, you need to open pin,mac reading,CS authorization then can use. If you have bought the condor key cutting machine. Then this authorization is free to open. Please give us your name/country/EmailVVDI SN/  VVDI2 SN  / CONDOR SN. If you do not bought CONDOR key cutting machine, then cannot open this authorization.

Q: Hello. I purchased this product and it says at the top... re synchronization in 23 days.. How do you re synchronization the device...Thank you
A: This is normal. Once the day become 1, you just need to connect interent. Then it will be back to 30 days again. This is setted by Xhorse company to avoid others crack their software. 

Customer  feedback on Xhorse VVDI2 & BMW mini 2012 CAS3+ 
I have mini 2012 lost key CAS3+ tried on vvdi2 key programmer.
everything went ok 
got ISN from DME and also EEPROM from CAS 
and remote programmed successfully 
but car did not start i did one fault once the vvdi tool asked me whether the car has been started or no i said yes and car has not started yet i thought maybe because of the low battery but i gave power to the battery and tried no joy remote functioning but a yellow key shown on cluster
Then i was advised to try to select blank key position with 7953 transponder, via ISN method to make key.
And I really did new fresh programming of the key and the car starts

1. How can i use this Prepare Remote function?

A: This function is still under development. Xhorse company will release it in the future.

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