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XPROG Review:Infineon XC2336A-56F80L-AA New Ford Ka

Finally, i did xc2336A-56F-80L processor perfectly with a Xprog programmer. And here is my write-up. Wish it helps.

For XC2336A-56F80L-AA from NEW FORD KA


You need to buy Infineon authorization.

It’s only available in Xprog box 5.70 and Xprog 5.60

xprog-read-ford-ka-XC2336A-56F-1 xprog-read-ford-ka-XC2336A-56F-2 xprog-read-ford-ka-XC2336A-56F-3


To read use 3 wires from 10 pads connections (tatyanka privetik) and other wires directly to pins.


You must select XC2336A-72 in Xprog, is the same , only flash1 changes the size.