Shipping From UK Customer Satisfaction Survey

From: Oct 31, 2019 To: Nov 30, 2019


To provide you a better purchasing experience, we sincerely invite you to participate in our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

After completing this questionnaire, you will get a 6% OFF coupon code, thank you very much!

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*1. How did you know about our website(

*2. What’s the most important value for you to purchase the goods?

*3. Why did you choose us instead of other suppliers? (Allow multiple selection)

*4. How would you rate our customer service?

*5. Using the search function of our website, can you quickly search for the goods you want?

*6. Do you think it’s user friendly now when you shop online by mobile phone?

*7. How would you rate our logistics service?

*8. How would you rate our after-sale service?

*9. In Which way do you prefer to contact us

*10. How satisfied were you with our current types of payment?