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Great Modules Extension For Zed Bull send by email

Great Modules Extension For Zed Bull send by email

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GREAT MODULES EXTENSION FOR ZED BULL works with or without zedbull ( if you donot have zedbull ), and the software works with all Zed-Bull devices (clone or original no matter on firmware version). Also software can be used without any device for calculating pin codes from dump and vin to pin for kia and hyundai
This software is so great that it shows you the image of the immo box plus show you the location of the eeprom you should read:
1. HITAG 2
2. Unlock ID46
3. Generate transponder images
4. Making keys, showing location of dump in immo
5. VIN to PIN Calculator for KIA and HYUNDAI, PIN CODE for Many Many cars VIA dump, CS + pincode for VAG cars
List of all available modules, and dump to pincode :
1. Opel immo2 - Siemens immobox
2. VW, Seat immo2 - Siemens immobox
3. VW, Seat immo3 - Valeo immobox
4. Fiat,Lancia,Citroen,Peugeot - Delphi immobox
5. Opel immo1 - Siemens immobox
6. Honda, Acura - immobox
7. Honda, Rover - Valeo immobox
8. Fiat, Lancia - imm001.01 Magneti Marelli immobox
9. Fiat, Lancia - imm110.01 magneti marelli immobox
10. Mercedes Sprinter, Vito, Vw volt - Temic immobox
11. Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia - magneti marelli BSI
12. Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot code2 - Delphi immobox
13. VW,Skoda,Seat immo1 - Siemens immobox
14. Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Iveco code3 - Magneti Marelli BSI
15. Daihatsu - immobox 1998-2000
16. Renault, Dacia - Sagem immobox
17. Renault, Dacia - Siemens UCH
18. Fiat, Lancia, Alfa romeo - Delphi BSI
19. Peugeot, Citroen, Valeo - immobox
20. Toyota, Daihatsu - immobox 1998-99
21. Volvo immo3 - Bosch immobox
22. Toyota - Bosch, Fujitsu ECU
23. Toyota, Rav4 - Denso, Fujitsu ECU
24. Toyota - immobox
25. Renault Laguna2 - Sagem UCH
26. Mercedes Truck - Temic ECU
27. Renault Megane2 - Siemens UCH
28. Alfa Romeo Code2 - Bosch immobox
29. Mitsubishi - Bosch immobox
30. BMW, Range Rover, Mini Cooper - EWS1
31. BMW, Range Rover, Mini Cooper - EWS2
32. BMW, Range Rover, Mini Cooper - EWS3
33. Iveco Daily, Iveco Truck - Bosch immobox
34. Renault - Valeo immobox
35. Alfa Romeo, Iveco - Bosch immobox
36. Suzuki - immobox
37. Toyota - ECU
38. Volvo, Mitsubishi - Bosch immobox
39. Toyota - Denso ECU
40. Nissan, Subaru - Siemens immobox
41. Peugeot motorbike - Marelli immobox
42. Renault - Sagem UCH
43. Peugeot - Siemens BSI
44. Peugeot - Siemens BSI
45. Audi - Delphi immobox
46. Peugeot, Fiat, Lancia, Citroen - Texton immobox
47. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge - SKIM immobox
48. Mazda, Ford - Temic immobox
49. Suzuki, Mitsubishi - immobox
50. Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen - immobox
51. Toyota - immobox
52. Nissan - Siemens immobox(NATS-4)
53. Volvo - Bosch immobox
54. Daewoo - immobox
55. Opel, Isuzu - immobox
56. Renault - Siemens immobox -98
57. Fiat - Delphi BSI
58. Ford - immobox
59. Ford - immobox
60. Mazda - Lucas immobox
61. Ford - Visteon Dashboard
62. Ford - Visteon ECU
63. Ford, Mazda - Siemens ECU
64. Fiat, Lancia - IMM100.01 Magneti marelli immobox
65. Fiat - Siemens BSI
66. Renault - Siemens UCH
67. Honda - immobox
68. BMW, Range Rover, Mini Cooper - EWS4
69. Yamaha - Moric immobox
70. Renault, Opel - Sagem UCH
71. Opel, Isuzu - immobox
72. Suzuki - Denso immobox
73. Ducati bike - Magneti Marelli Dashboard immobox
74. Honda Bike - immobox
75. Honda Bike - immobox
76. Honda Bike - immobox 77. Renault - Johnson UCH
78. Aprilla Scooter - Dashboard
79. Mazda - Denso ECU
80. Mazda - Mitsubishi ECU
81. Peugeot, Citroen - BSI
82. Chery - immobox
83. Ford - Delphi ECU
84. Renault - Valeo BSI
85. Toyota - Valeo immobox
86. Nissan - Siemens immobox(NATS-5)
87. Hyundai - immobox
88. Ducati motorbike - Digitek dashboard
89. Nissan - Dashboard
90. Chevrolet - Siemens UCH
91. DAF truck - VDO DAF immobox
92. Scania truck - SCANIA immobox
93. MAN truck - VDO FFR immobox
94. Isuzu - Siemens VDO immobox
95. Mitsubishi - mitsubishi E13 immobox
96. Chevrolet, Daewoo - E4 immobox
97. Volkswagen - 377 953 257 A immobox
98. Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Iveco code3 - Magneti marelli BSI
99. Renault - Johnson UCH
100. Renault, Dacia - Samsung UCH
101. Honda Civic 2006-
102. Piaggio Vespa
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