2022 ECU new tool PCMtuner: is it worth buying?

PCMtuner tool, the current version is V1.21. Many people have been impressed by the functions of PCMtuner and the list of supported ECUs. As for whether the VR file function of PCMtuner is effective? And whether it can support as many as the list listed ECU, let's see what the people who have used it have to say?


Evaluation 1:
PCMtuner has usb dongle, usually work offline, but VR need online, no sub, they promise updates.

Tested to activate the following modules on my 2 devices:
1,2,3,4,6,7,10,12,14,16,20,21,32,33,36,48,51,52,53,56,57,58,62,69,71, 73.

(Editor's supplement: The list of ECUs corresponding to each module can be viewed here.)

PCMtuner V1.21



Evaluation 2:
They have made their own APP and can log in online, you see pinouts, car configs (which r/w modes), support etc..

I tested egpt with MEDC17 before and read/write dq250mbq , all worked fine.


Evaluation 3:
PCMtuner components are ok, ich checked the pbc, friends of mine already working with it and the software is 1.2.1.

Its official website is terrible, like new, but I got more info on it from its authorised reseller obdexpress.co.uk. I can still communicate with them after I buy, which is great. Because I'm also skeptical of their support list , so please at least keep in touch with customer service.


Evaluation 4:
Its like a Full PCMFlash , but they build another software around like autotuner menu, you can directly click OBD/BENCH/Boot and you got instructions inside.


Evaluation 5:
PCMtuner is a simple pcm flash with modules 1-74. HQ PCMFLASH full clone with integrated scanmatik2.

They have a server where you can create a customer account to download VR etc. He can make tweak files.


Technical support by: www.obdexpress.co.uk