PCMtuner Update Log

V1.27 Update Information (04/ 08/ 2022)
PCMtuner Support MG1 MD1 MED9 EDC16 MEDC17
Series now, work with Fetrotech Tool
1) Added fetrotech plugin order window
2) PCMtuner Flash was add ,New GUI set up,use more easy
After the update, PCMtuner Flash will prompt the user to resend the activation code to the manufacturer's mailbox. The manufacturer will return the digital certificate to the user.
PCMtuner V1.27 Update Information
PCMtuner V1.27 Update Information

V1.26 Update Information (18/ 05/ 2022)

1) MPM option is operational
2) Scanner option is operational
3) Metrotech button add and will coming soon

V1.25 Update Information (26/ 04/ 2022)

1.2.5 version update fix application ui for low resolution display

V1.24 Update Information (24/ 04/ 2022)

1) User can view sn and expiry date, despite user account is inactive/ expired/ missing usb dongles
2) User can view latest news
3) Add new function MPM plug and Scanners ( for this new function user need order the MPM plug hardware )
4) All user can see owns S/ N when you dont plugin the pcmtuner hardware or smart dongle

V1.23 Update Imformation

1) Register problem is fixed
2) Expiry date is displayed at the bottom right corner