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Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL software update to V2.1.0

Original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer software has newly updated to V2.1.0 in OBDexpress.
Software: V2.1.0
Firmware: V2.0.9
Latest version V2.1.0:
VVDI MB BGA TOOL V2.1.0 software download
VVDI MB BGA TOOL V2.1.0(2016-05-31)
Require firmware V2.0.9
===== BENZ V2.1.0 =====
1. Fixbug for write original NEC key via IR
2. Fixbug for show finish error information in IR read password
VVDI MB BGA TOOL V2.0.9(2016-05-29)
Require firmware V2.0.9
===== BENZ V2.0.9 =====
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.9, software v2.0.9
2. User manual v1.5 released, overview v1.5 released
3. Support new sprinter W906 motorola EEPROM dump prepare key file
4. Support read password via IR for old motorola EIS (HC05, HC08, K-Line)
5. Support W204 ESL Emulator: only support VVDI W204 emulator, you must renew it before use
6. Support OBD read W164, W211, W209, W169 EIS without gateway, you need buy an extra adaptor
7. Fixbug for make only 1 key file in motorola EEPROM dump
8. Fixbug for read v51 version password from key
9. After read password from v51, v57 key, will fix the key automatically
10. Bugfix