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FGTech Galletto 2-Master EOBD2 V50 BDM-TriCore-OBD with BDM Function

FGTech Galletto 2-Master EOBD2 V50 BDM-TriCore-OBD with BDM Function

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FGTech Galletto 2-Master this new system developed with high-speed USB2 technology is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone. Now it can support OBD and BDM.

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by Mr.Vasilis Akrivos on Jan 18, 2017
Hello. I want to flash the ecu maps at an opel astra G 2000 model z14xe engine. Will this do the job? Thank you.
Replied by Eason on Jan 18, 2017
Yest, it can support.  You can see the attachment for car list.
Any questions,feel free to contact us.
by Mr.dejan on Aug 4, 2015
hello ,, i buy this galletto ,, and now i start work with that ,,on my car ,, and i read the map down ,, and now which programm i nead for change this map ,,, i can not tuning now, please can xou help me .
Replied by Ada on Aug 5, 2015
Hello Dejan,
1) This one only can read and write the ECU, cannot change the map. It cannot editor the MAP too.
2) Please give me your order number.
Best regards
by Mr.almir hasanoviuc on Jul 20, 2014
Replied by Ada on Jul 20, 2014
Hello Almir,
May i know what can i do for you?
Best regards
by Mr.DAVID GOMEZ LEON on Jan 3, 2014
Replied by Ada on Jan 5, 2014
Hello David,
We cannot know your problem clearly. Please send the problem photo to We need to know on which step software give you this prompt. To find out it is the wrong operation problem or others. Do you use it to test other ECUs, what is the result?
Best regards
by Mr.DAVID GOMEZ LEON on Jan 3, 2014

hello friend.
I can reading a bmw EDC17 ecu to clone an ecu

Replied by Ada on Jan 3, 2014
Hello David,
Good news. This one can be used to read the information of old ECU then write to new ECU. Any needs in the future, please contact us.
Best regards
by WOJCIECH TOSIK on Nov 7, 2013
Did it do saab trionic mcu well?
Replied by Ada on Nov 7, 2013
Hello Wojciech,
Attached is the list for saab models. It can work on most these models.
Best regards

by karine curton on May 21, 2013
i download your software you write on the website, but cannot find FGTech_DOWNLOAD_UPDATE.exe and SETUP.EXE, can you send it to me?
Replied by ada on May 21, 2013
Hi Karine,
This two files has been canceled. There is no need to use this two file when you install the software. For this software, you only need to install the driver. See our video. Follow our video to install the software, then you can use it.
Best regards
by Mr.Antonios Ingl on May 11, 2013
Very good product... but I have some questions about it.
The supported car list says that it supports Virt/W in Read/Write column.. What exactly does it means? What's the difference between R/W and Virt/W? Also, what's the difference between Flasher and boot mode?
Could I take a backup of ECU map if I buy that product and it says Virt/W in Read/Write column for that?

Thank you in advance,
Replied by ada on May 12, 2013
Hello Antonios,
This FGTECH V51 can read and write Engine ECU data. It can back up ECU map.
Best regards
by Mr.franci on Apr 10, 2013
where is usb driver for win 7 x64??? you write that is compatible with x64...

Replied by ada on Apr 10, 2013

Hi franci,
There is only one driver in Fgtech galletto 2 software. This driver can be used on any computer system. See our video on our page. When you connect the device with your car and computer, it will prompt you to install the driver. Just follow our video and the prompt to install the driver. After installation, you can use the software directly. When you install the software, you need to connect the device with your car, otherwise it will not prompt you to install the driver. Do you connect the car?
Best regards

by Mr.Lorenzo on Mar 26, 2013
Hello, when I open the software it says "no dongle found". I also used usb fix tool, but this writing is yet. How can I solve this problem?
Replied by ada on Apr 11, 2013
Dear Lorenzo,
Now this software has canceled the dongle for a long time. Usually it will not have this prompt. For your problem, please use the following way to solve:
1) Download this attached "FGTech2-break-dongle" software to your computer, software link:
2) decompressing this software to fgtech software.
Best regards
by donald kugel on Mar 21, 2013
k-line,obd,bdm,all supported?
Replied by ada on Mar 21, 2013
Dear Donald,
Yes. FGtech V51 support obd, k-line, bdm.
Best regards
by Flavio Sobral on Mar 13, 2013
can i use it for all the time? no lock? no other fees in the future???
Replied by ada on Mar 13, 2013
Dear Flavio,
This one does not need tokens or something else. After you install the driver, then you can directly use this software, no lock, no extra fee in the future. You can use it for life long.
Best regards
by Mr.adrian on Nov 28, 2012
how i can use the usb fix tool?
Replied by ada on Apr 11, 2013
Dear friend,
If you can not see clearly the second video on our website. This is the video link for how to use usb fix tool, please download it:
Any problem, you can feel free to contact us.
Best regards
by MAWANO on Nov 13, 2012
Replied by ada on Nov 13, 2012
Dear mawano,
It is easy to install the software.
1) copy the software to your computer
2) connect the device, power (or car)
3) install the driver, and run the files "eobd2.exe".
Just do these steps is ok, no need active.

Best regards
by Mr.Tank Brown on Oct 21, 2012
supporting k-line?
Replied by ada on Oct 21, 2012
Hello Tank,
Our FGTech Galletto can work with k-line well.

Best regards
by Mr.Andrey Matak on Sep 19, 2012
hi, i buy this FGTech Galletto about 2 month, now i have the following question:
if my Galletto can adds the function of BDM? if yes, do i need to pay extra money?
do i need to return my Galletto to you to add it?
thanks ahead
Replied by ada on Sep 19, 2012
Dear andrey,

Thank you for your order on our website. You do not need to return us to adds this function. As the picture we post on the page, you can follow instruction of the PDF to use it. Thus Your Galletto can support BDM too. If you has problem in the process, please contact us in time, i will contact our engineer to do long distance communication to help you.

Best regards
by Mr.Kamil Krol on Sep 3, 2012
hello, i want to know if it can support the full function? such as OBD or else, and what about the update? do i need to pay extra money?
Replied by ada on Sep 3, 2012
Dear Kamil,

Thank you for your interesting,
Our FGTech Galletto 2 can support OBD and BDM mode. When the new version comes out, we will release it on our website. And you can update your Galletto for free.

Best regards,
by Mr.john kane on Jul 17, 2012
What is the total cost to Finland?
Replied by ada on Jul 17, 2012
Dear john,

The price of this unit is €240.00, and the shipping cost to Finland is €29.50. So the total cost to Finland is €269.50.

Any problem, you can feel free to contact us.

by Mr.adrian harris on Jul 8, 2012
powerful Galletto,and the free BDM100 is useful too.A+++++
Replied by ada on Jul 8, 2012
Dear adrian,

Thank you for your feedback, any problem, you can feel free to contact us.

Best regard,

by Mr.Luis R Delgado on Jun 20, 2012
If i buy it now, what discount i can enjoy?
Replied by ada on Jun 20, 2012
Dear luis,

Thank you for your interest, and here is a good news for you.
This item is on the promotion. If you buy is now, you can get Universal BDM100 ECU Programmer for free. You can save €35.00.

Best regards,
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