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New Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM V86 JLR V136(Choose SP10-T)

New Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM V86 JLR V136(Choose SP10-T)

  • Item No. SP10-B
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VCM IDS (VCM) is a high performance, rugged, vehicle serial communications gateway.
Newest version: Ford & Mazda IDS: V86,Jaguar & Land Rover: V136

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by Mr.Juss on Apr 3, 2018
Hi! Is it possible send pictures of inside boards?
Replied by Eason on Apr 3, 2018
The attachment is picture for PCB boards, please check, thank you!

by Mr.dugon Ryu on Mar 17, 2017
I only need vcm
I have a dlc cable and a usb host cable
So I just want to buy vcm
Is vcm only available?
How much is the vcm purchase price?
Replied by Eason on Mar 20, 2017
Sorry,we do not sell the host alone, but we can give you a favorable price.
Looking forward to your reply as soon as possible

by Stan Kostov on Sep 10, 2015
HI Ada
Item Sp-10-B is recommend from your costumer ,Hi purchase the unit from you and work perfect.
Is the ''Latest IDS VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford V96 and Mazda V95 2 in 1'' software performing better then SP-10-B or not ?
Replied by Ada on Sep 10, 2015
Hello Stan,
They have different advantages
1) SP10-B is the old version IDS. Its advantage is stable. Software is old. No need VMware. In the past, it also support update. But since VCM II series release, more and more customers choose VCM II series. Then this one stop update, i am not sure if new software will release in the future or not.
2) For VXDIAG, this software is newer than SP10-B. it is made by vxdiag company. Also stable. But software need Vmware.
You can choose the two based on your needs.
Best regards
by Janis Sala on Jan 13, 2015
Hi I have Range Rover Sport 2008 2.7 TDV
1) Can I with this diagnostic tool, programing ignition key?
2) Where are You from? America or You have this part on Europa?
Replied by Ada on Jan 13, 2015
Hello Janis,
Thank you for your interesting.
1) This one cannot program key, main function is diagnose. If you want to make sport key, then choose SKP-100. For smart key, do not have good tool to recommend.
2) We will send it to you from hongkong.
Best regards
by Mr.Tom on Sep 29, 2014
Where can I download the ford vcm ids license v86?
Replied by Ada on Sep 29, 2014
Hello Tom,
This is the license download link:
Best regards
by Paulina Skrzyniarz on Apr 23, 2014
what do you think of the key programming function? i need to get new keys for ford and landrover.
Replied by Ada on Apr 23, 2014
Hello Paulina,
This one support key programming function. But does not have pin code calculate. For some models, you need to calculate the pin code and use this to program. For some keys, cannot work on the latest, such as Land Rover, mainly for 2005-2010.
Best regards
by Mr.fab22 on Jan 31, 2014
est il compatible avec un range rover de 2003?
Y a t il des frais de douane?
Replied by Ada on Feb 16, 2014
Hello Fab22,
Désolé de vous dire que cette VCM principalement utilisé pour travailler sur les modèles gamme rover après 2005.
Best regards
by Rizzo jacques on Jan 12, 2014
as there are so many vcm for ford, which one is better? will they work on ford cars and trucks? or only for cars?
Replied by Ada on Jan 12, 2014
Hello Rizzo,
For SP10-B and SP10-T, they are the old design VCM, function are the same. For SP10-D, made by original chip and support key programming. Ford VCM II SP177 and SP177-C, they are the new design VCM II, not only support diagnose, key programming, new adds more function.
Best regards
by Mr.navarro on Mar 31, 2013

vous avez le maneul d utilisation du logiciel JLR V 133.
Une fois installer, comment l utiliser ?
Replied by ada on Mar 31, 2013
Dear Navarro,
Désolé de vous dire que nous n'avons pas le mode d'emploi. Après avoir installé le logiciel, vous pouvez suivre l'invite à travailler sur votre voiture.
Best regards
by Mr.Tillmann on Nov 13, 2012
hi, i want to buy one tool to diagnose my ford. i find this one and X-VCI XVCI Ford VCM both can work on ford models, which one is more suit me?
Replied by ada on Nov 13, 2012
Dear Tillmann,
If you just want to diagnose ford model, then i think Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM V81 JLR V131 is more suitable you. This one is more professional for ford. Compared with X-VCI XVCI Ford VCM (Item No. SP125), this one does not need to install the driver. More easier to use.
Best regards
by hank on Nov 12, 2012
hi, i see this Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM V81 JLR V131 has many language to choose, i want to confirm how to switch languages.
Replied by ada on Nov 12, 2012
Dear hank,
Our Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM V81 JLR V131 has 11 kind of language to choose. When you install the software, you can choose the language you need. After you have installed the software, then you can not change the language. Any problem, you can feel free to contact us.
Best regards
by Mr.chira olimpiu on Jun 18, 2012
what is the insurance? what is the shipping cost to Romania
Replied by ada on Jun 18, 2012
Dear chira,

We provide unlimited technical service and one-year warranty. The shipping cost to Romania is €75.00.

Thank you and best regards,
by Mr.Luis Eduardo Lowenberg on Jun 11, 2012
Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM V79 JLR V130 is the latest version? what car model it can work with?
Replied by ada on Jun 11, 2012
Dear luis,

Up to now, it the latest version. This item can work with ford escape(01-07), ford maverick(01-07), mazda tribute(01-07), for Ford and mazda,it almost can do 2000-2011 year model, Jaguar and landrover from the year 2005.

Any problem, you can feel free to contact us
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