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Original YANHUA Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Odometer Correction Master with 1080 Tokens

Original YANHUA Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Odometer Correction Master with 1080 Tokens

Latest price:750.00
705.006% off
  • Item No. SP78-B

Digimaster 3 also is called Digimaster III with 1080 Tokens or shortly D3 is new developed odometer correction master. It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc

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by Caesar on Jun 20, 2017
Hi, I need to confirm if Yanhua digimaster III will correct mileage on 2007 vw crafter dash 95640?
Replied by Su jinyu on Jun 20, 2017
Hello Caesar 
es. Digimater3 will change odometer on year 2007 vw crafter. But you need to send data back to factory engineer to reset odometer manually.
by nicola de feo on Dec 2, 2015
Hallo, haben Sie ein Programmiergerät um bei Ford Mustang und Ford F150 die Navigationssprache auf "deutsch" zu programmieren? Das Navigationsystem heißt Sync II. Was mir noch interessiert ist die Radiofrequenz. Kann man diese umprogrammieren, das hinter der Kommastelle eine gerade Zahl steht?
Ford Mustang Model 2015
Replied by Ada on Dec 2, 2015
Hello Nicola,
Wir bestätigen wieder mit Werks, sagen sie, wenn Ihr Kombiinstrument ist 8-polig, dann tun können, wenn nicht, dann nicht tun können.
Best regards
by Th. Thurn on Nov 23, 2015
my question is have you any Software or tool to sell me where i can make odometer correction in odometer and eeprom, for most oft cars,,i wanna get this in my Service by car company. this digimaster 3 is the best choice?? do you have other recommend?
Replied by Ada on Nov 23, 2015
Hello TH,
Thank you for your interesting. This digimaster 3 is the best choice up to now. If you need cheaper one, you can choose digiprog 3. But digiprog 3 is not the full set and support less vehicles than digimaster 3. digimaster 3 is the full set genuine one, and support most vehicles up to now.
Best regards
by ANGELA BYRNE on Aug 24, 2015
The digimaster 3, can it change data from another day? Fx if you one day drive 800 kilometres, will I be able to change or delete this data? And can it be tracked?
Replied by Ada on Aug 24, 2015
Hello Angela,
Thank you for your interesting. This one can change the mileage to any one you need. This one is mainly used to change the mileage on dashboard. Some cars including some other parts. 
Best regards
by Tony Robinson on Mar 10, 2014
when should i use laptop to work together with digimaster 3? update?
Replied by Ada on Mar 10, 2014
Hello Tony,
Now you can connect the network cable with the main unit of digimaster 3 and directly use digimaster 3 to register and update. No need to use laptop anymore.
Best regards
by freundlichen on Mar 5, 2014
Hat super geklappt. Ich bedanke mich trotzdem für ihre Bemühungen!
Replied by Ada on Mar 5, 2014
Hello Freundlichen,
Glücklich zu hören, dass jetzt können Sie es erfolgreich zu nutzen. Jedes Problem, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.
Best regards
by richard on Dec 20, 2013
price comes down, very good, now i have decided to buy it on this promotion so that i can save more money, now i still have one question to ask you, this main function is mileage programming, but i read this one still can program new keys for bmw, can i use it to program bmw cas 4 keys? do i need to buy others? give me an answer soon, thank you
Replied by Ada on Dec 20, 2013
Hello Richard,
Yes. Original price is 999EUR yesterday, today price comes down is 866EUR, you can save 133EUR. Besides, our website is on promotion, you can enjoy 7% discount, save another 60.62EUR. Digimaster 3 can program BMW CAS4 keys. You can use this two adapter: SUPER BDM can read CAS4, then use BAV to write the data to the key. 
Best regards
by Reginald Andrews on Jul 5, 2013
1.6 TDI 2010 SKODA, does your digimaster 3 can work on my model?
Replied by Ada on Jul 5, 2013
Hello Reginald,
Yes. This digimaster 3 can work on your model. You can use this digimaster 3 to change the mileage by OBD.
Best regards
by Mr.faisal humayun on Jan 16, 2013
please tell me the final price and links how to use it
Replied by ada on Jan 16, 2013
Dear Faisal,
This is the promotion price now. Digimaster 3 is not very easy to use. It needs user has basic knowleage about chip desoldering. This digimaster tokens is limited. Once the tokens runs out, you need to buy tokens again.
Best regards
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